Boyer's Model Series

Boyer's Model Series

The following three articles were written as a series to serve as an introduction or refresher on the Boyer's Model. For the latest posts related to Boyer's Model, scroll to the list of recent posts below.

Integrating Technology Tools to More Actively Engage Students


Integrating Technology Tools to More Actively Engage Students

As an instructor of an online cou

Understanding Four Scholarly Settings and How They Relate to Boyer’s Model

A Boyer’s Scholar engages with knowledge in a variety of ways, and consequently, there are a variety of settings where this engagement can make a formal contribution. Learn more about opportunities to contribute as a scholar within the University and beyond.

Boyer’s Series: How the Domains Grow Your Scholarship

In the last of the three-part Boyer’s Series, we reflect on how to integrate the Boyer’s model into your research and scholarship agenda and grow your professional development.

Boyer’s Series: Identifying Scholarship in Action

In this second in the series on Boyer’s Model of Scholarship learn about what ongoing scholarship means to universities and faculty and how the scholarship activities faculty engage in align with the four domains.

Boyer’s Series: Introduction to Boyer’s Model

In the first of a series on Boyer’s Model of Scholarship in SAS, we present the importance of understanding Boyer’s Model for SAS Faculty and a brief review of Boyer’s Domains of Scholarship.

Book Review: Boyer's Updated "Scholarship Reconsidered"

Our staff read and discussed the updated version of Ernest Boyer's "Scholarship Reconsidered." Read the review.