Boyer's Model

About Boyer's Model

The University of Phoenix broadly supports research and scholarship based on Boyer's Model.  The model recognizes that faculty scholarship is not just traditional research but occurs across four domains: discovery, application, integration, and teaching and learning.   The domains are unique parts of a complete system- for example integration connects isolated research findings, or, application uses research findings to solve real-world problems.  Scholarship in one domain can lead to scholarship in another, such as a literature review (integration) identifying a new research study (discovery). 

Boyer’s Model fits our faculty as they should be well-rounded scholars, making contributions in a variety of ways to their disciplines and fields.  Scholarship can occur in an academic or practitioner role.  And, this model adapts for faculty scholarship expectations to fit the goals of a college, school, and program. Explore the domains using the links below:

Table with four boxes each summarizing one of Boyer's four domains

Boyer's Model Blog Series

In 2016, the Office of Scholarship Support developed a series of blogs about the scholarship model to help graduate faculty understand how the University applies Boyer's Model. Read the three-part series now.