Boyer's Model

About Boyer's Model

The University of Phoenix broadly supports research and scholarship based on Boyer's Model.  The model recognizes that faculty scholarship is not just traditional research but occurs across four domains: discovery, application, integration, and teaching and learning.   Boyer’s Model fits our faculty as they should be well-rounded scholars, making contributions in a variety of ways to their disciplines and fields, and, it allows for faculty scholarship expectations to be adapted to fit the goals of a college, school, and program.  

Recently we, the Office of Scholarship Support, developed a series of blogs about the scholarship model.  Check out the blog links on the bottom of the left menu to learn about the whys, whats, and hows of scholarship at UOPX!

Examples of Scholarship

Type of ScholarshipPurposeExamples
TeachingStudy teaching models and practices to achieve optimal learning.Advancing learning theory through classroom research. Developing and testing instructional materials. Mentoring graduate students. Designing and implementing a program-level assessment system.
DiscoveryBuild new knowledge through traditional research.Publishing in peer-reviewed forums. Producing and/or performing creative work within established field. Creating infrastructure for future studies.
IntegrationInterpret the use of knowledge across disciplines.Preparing a comprehensive literature review. Writing a textbook for use in multiple disciplines. Collaborating with colleagues to design and deliver a core course.
ApplicationAid society and professions in addressing problems.Serving industry or government as an external consultant. Assuming leadership roles in professional organizations.