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Faculty Books and Textbooks

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Criminal Justice and Security

  • Cote, P. L. (2007), Police Chief: Managing Success. Victoria, B.C.: Trafford Publishing 


  • Melvin, L. (2011), How to Keep Good Teachers and Principals: Practical Solutions to Today's Classroom Problems. Lanham, MD : R&L Education 
  • Thompson, C.L. (Spring/Summer 2012) A fifth grade writing teacher’s journey: Moving from editor to facilitator of writing, Tennessee Reading Teacher Journal, 39(2), 15-26. 
  • Thompson, C.L. & Strange, T. (Fall 2011). Tripling reading instruction Using the TRI reading model: A pilot project’s preliminary results, TNTESOL Journal (4), 38-52. 
  • Thompson, C.L. (April 2011). A dose of writing reality: Helping students become better writers, Phi Delta Kappan, 57-61. 
  • Thompson, C.L. & Dildine, G. (Fall/Winter 2010). First to the top in narrative writing: Top 10 tips for teaching narrative writing, Tennessee Reading Teacher Journal, 38(1), 18-25. 

General Scholarship

  • Sims-Muhammad, T. (2012), Gaining Momentum to Publish: 8 Simple Steps to Getting Professional Publications - Tips for Juniors and Emerging Scholars. Lafayette, LA.: Vanguard Educational Services Academic Press. Lanham, MD : R&L Education 

Nursing and Healthcare

  • Laughon, D. L. (2011), The Nurse Leader's Guide to Business Skills: Strategies for Optimizing Financial Performance. Danvers, MA : HcPro 

School of Advanced Studies

  • Kass, M. (2010), Intercultural cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians: A guide to conflict resolution facilitation. Saarbucken, Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller 

Social Sciences

  • Muttukumaru, G. (2010), Make A Marriage, Relationship and Family Last: A Guide for Intended or Married Couples in any Culture. Palm Springs, CA : Polimedia Publishing 

Faculty Articles

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  • Al-Hussain, A. H., Johnson, R. L. (2009), Relationship between Corporate Governance Efficiency and Saudi Banks' Performance, The Business Review, Cambridge, 14(1), 111-117.
  • Anyalezu, G. (2011), The Aggregate Technology And Contractionary Effects: An Empirical Estimation, International Business & Economics Research Journal, 10(7), 47-66.
  • James, M. E., Johnson, R. L. (2009), An Assessment of the International Competitiveness of Jamaican Manufacturing Firms, The Business Review, Cambridge, 14(1), 17-25.
  • Johnson, R. L. (2008), A Quantitative Assessment of Factors Impacting the Price of a for-Profit Education Stock, The Business Review, Cambridge, 9(2), 17-22.
  • Johnson, R. L. (2009), Organizational Motivations for Going Green or Profitability versus Sustainability, The Business Review, Cambridge, 13(1), 22-28.
  • Johnson, R. L. (2006), Strategy, Success, a Dynamic Economy and the 21st Century Manager, The Business Review, Cambridge, 5(2), 23-29.

School of Advanced Studies

  • Belding, S. (2009), Worldviews and leadership: Thinking and acting the bigger picture, Journal of Leadership Studies, 5(2), 54-63.

Social Sciences

  • King, R. (2011), Calvinism and Colonial Native American Religious Worldviews. Community College Humanities Review Journal, 31(1) 28–36.  Reprinted by the Virginia Mayflower Society, Special Reprint. 
  • King, R. (2003), The Spirit-Filled Life: Eastern Patristic Spirit-Christology for Contemporary Wesleyan Faith Practice. The Wesleyan Theological Journal, 38(2), 103–123. 
  • Woods, S.M. (2003), Northern Ireland Conflict, "Bloody Sunday" underlying causes of continued conflict, Journal of Peace, 5(1), ISSN1522-211X. 
  • Woods, S.M. (2003), Learning Lessons from Waco: When the Parties Bring Their Gods to the Negotiation Table, Review, Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 20(3), 373-377. 

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