100 Black Male Educators Speak Project

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion Research at the University of Phoenix is conducting a research study entitled “100 Black Male Educators Speak” project. This project follows our year-long collaboration with National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY), examining the career trajectories of Black male educators in our nation’s P-12 classrooms.

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What is the purpose of this research?

The purpose of this qualitative research study is to explore the socialization processes and experiences of Black male educators (BMEs) in P-12 school classrooms across the nation. Specifically, this research seeks to examine the early experiences of BMEs, including:

  • Role dynamics;
  • Relationship building;
  • Navigation organizational culture;
  • Decision making (advancement and leaving the profession); and
  • Formal and informal socialization tactics used for adjustment.

There is limited research in this areas and additional research should shed some important insight on how to best diversify the teaching profession, especially as it relates to the recruitment and retention of Black male educators.

How can I participate?

To participate in this study, you should meet the following requirements: 

  • Black male teacher in a P-12 classroom or a Black male teacher who has left the classroom within the last three years;
  • Between the ages of 20-85; and
  • Have at least one year of classroom teaching experience.

What procedures are involved?

Participation involves:

  • Participating in a recorded audio or video Zoom interview (1 hour)
  • Review of audio transcripts for accuracy (15 minutes)

I am ready to sign up!

For more information and/or to confirm your interest in participating in this study, please email us at or add your information to our contact form. Also, please feel free to forward information to colleagues who may be interested in participating. Our goal is to interview 100 Black male educators across the nation and we thank you for your help in this monumental project!

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