Aligning Your Research

Aligning Your Research

The following articles were written as a series to serve as an introduction or refresher on the importance of aligning your research from the start of the research process.

Alignment: Driving Your Research Study on a Straight Path

Alignment is critical to the success of a research study. In the first of our three-part series on alignment, we discuss theoretical vs methodological alignment. 

Alignment: Supporting Your Research Questions with Methods

This week we continue with our Research Alignment series and discuss the importance of aligning your research question and methods.

Alignment: Tools to Strengthen Your Project

This week we complete our Research Alignment series with discussion of tools to strengthen alignment during your research project. 

What Do I Want to Know?

The importance of aligning your research starts at the beginning of your research project and continues to its completion. Understand the importance of aligning your study question, methodologies, design, and degree program with this blog post from Dr. Gavin, Program Dean for the School of Advanced Studies.