Adult Learners in Higher Education (ALHED)

Adult Learners in Higher Education (ALHED) Research Lab


Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

  • Team 1: Teaching and Learning Strategy [Started Jan 2020]

    • Teaching Strategies and Building GRIT

[Team Leader: Mansureh Kebritchi, Team Members: Ryan Rominger, Danielle Sixsmith]


  • Team 2: Faculty Issues [Started Jan 2020]

    • Study into why practitioner faculty (not “professional adjunct” faculty) are motivated to teach as associate faculty [Team Leader: Ryan Rominger Team members: Mansureh Kebritchi, Liz Johnston, Danielle Sixsmith]


  • Curriculum [Upcoming]

    • Curriculum development on a larger scale for undergrad practitioners


  • Student Issues [Upcoming]

    • GRIT: An Interactionist Personality Theory Approach, and How to Promote the Development of GRIT (exploratory, qualitative)