Participant Feedback

Participant Feedback

If you're thinking about attending a Knowledge Without Boundaries Workshop event at your campus or one nearby, check out feedback received from our recent events. As you'll see, there's something for faculty, students and alumni alike!

From Our Faculty

"Very helpful format for discussion of how to move research idea forward to a more tenable research project." – Matt Reis, SAS Faculty

"Well presented, interactive, and informative. It was nice to see students and a few alumni being engaged in the conversations." – Anita Cassard, SAS Faculty

From Our Students

"Excellent! Informative, engaging and filled with real, meaningful information." – Treka E. Spraggins, current SAS Student

"This was an excellent resource and turned into a mini residency. I was excited to meet other students and I gained important insight on the direction of my dissertation. From the information I obtained, I changed the focus of my dissertation and received approval from my chair. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience and please offer more in the future." – Maryam McCallum, current SAS student

"I liked learning about the various programs UOPX has implemented to bring the university into the spotlight in regards to quality research. – Michael Triplett, current SAS student

From Our Alumni

"The sessions that I have attended were well organized and very constructive. I enjoyed the open discussion at the end. It gave opportunity to brainstorm some ideas."  – Jacinth Kokou, SAS Alumni

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