About Research Hub Resources

About Research Hub Resources


The Research Hub Resources section on the Hub is designed to share and store resources relevant to faculty and student research efforts, agnostic of a research center. If there is a resource you need, reach out to oss@phoenix.edu to start the conversation (or ask your peers using the forums!). This is a group section of the site, so don't forget to join using the Group Option on the section's homepage. 

Getting Started

Visit our Research Checklist to help ensure a comprehensive and ethical research project.

Finding Support

A primary focus of this site is to bring University-affiliated researchers together. The best way to do this is to join a Research Center in line with your interests. Chairs and their teams are equipped with needed tools and experience to help push your research in the right direction.

Bookmark and check out the event calendar regularly for scholarship opportunities in your area or online, such as the Research Methodology Group's monthly webinars or Knowledge without Boundaries events. 

Additionally, we offer various funding programs through the Office of Scholarship Support and numerous research tools for faculty and students.

Finally, you can rely on the Research Process Blog to provide timely information on preparing, gaining approval, undergoing, and submitting your research for presentation or publication. 

Approvals and Policy

Visit the links below to learn more about the various reviews and approvals required for University-affiliated researchers.

While you may not feel your research requires certain ethical oversight, you may be surprised what approvals are needed to apply for funding down the road.

Applying Boyer's Model

The University has adopted a modified version of Boyer's Model with regard to research and scholarship. You may see references to this as your research progresses. To learn more about the model, visit the Boyer's Model overview. Additionally, we've included some examples below to help make sense of this model of scholarship and its application.