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SAS Alumni Webinar Featuring Dr. Medgar Roberts


On Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at 4pm (Arizona Time), the SAS Alumni Special Interest Group in conjunction with the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR) will host a webinar featuring Dr. J. Medgar Roberts.  Dr. Roberts will discuss his experiences applying his degree to the field of education with specific emphasis on contributions to research, school leadership, and additional opportunities afforded by his degree.




Thank you for attending our Monthly Research Design Webinar Series in August.  The August 23th session focused on “Auto Ethnography”. 

Dr. Jim Lane shared his knowledge and experiences using this method, with Q & A that followed. 

The session recording is available here (note: recording password nHmQvPM4 )



We invite you to join our Monthly Research Design Webinar Series.  The July 19th session will focus on “Phenomenology Design ”.  Dr. Karen Johnson and Ryan Rominger will share their knowledge and experiences using this method, with Q & A to follow.

The webinar time is at 4:00 PM Phoenix, AZ time zone. 


Special Interest Group for Digital Teaching and Learning Resources

Our space affords interdisciplinary scholars and external partners the opportunity to work together to advance the quality of online learning experiences by leveraging digital teaching and learning resources, specifically video chat technologies and collaborative learning tools. Research and professional learning opportunities for faculty, alumni, and students are provided that will deepen the impact of the Research and Scholarship Enterprise.


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