Understanding Entrepreneurship: Which Metrics are Important? A Case of Romania

Group Affiliation: 
- Private group -
International Council for Small Business (ICSB)
Marine, C., Sussan, F., Hall, R. and Daily, L.
Presentation Date: 
Thursday, June 1, 2017
Event or Conference: 
62nd International Council for Small Business (ICSB) Conference
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Presentation Location: 
Buenos Aires
As a more contextual understanding of any entrepreneurial ecosystem (EE) is needed (Aparicio, Urbano, & Audretsch, 2015), we collect data from multiple sources in order to add context and richness to investigate EE in Romania. In this paper, we analyzed data from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Entrepreneurship Barometer by Ernst and Young, EC reports, and scholarly work and came to a preliminary conclusion that there are substantial variations of data among these sources, and at times they are contradictory. We conclude that such variances come from different methodological approaches in their collection of data and their definitions of and philosophical underpinnings of the concept of EE.