Youth Entrepreneurship: from job search to business ownership and self-sufficiency


It is hard to imagine a time when entrepreneurship could be more important to a nation than during the current economic situation plaguing the Nigerian nation. The rapid rise of inflation inciting widespread youth unemployment and underemployment has increased the need for entrepreneurs and self-sufficient enterprises.

The challenges facing the Nigerian youths nowadays are greater than ever. The employment opportunities are diminishing by days. Our mission in writing this book is to facilitate change and offer the young people some ideas and suggestions to help them navigate and mitigate these challenges and seize entrepreneurship opportunities.

Written in basic sixth-level grammar, Youth Entrepreneurship strives to enable every able self-driven youth the opportunity to be able to gather, garner, and grasp the knowledge about how to start and sustain a solid enterprise.

Youth Entrepreneurship provides a hands-on, transactional outline for future and current business entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders. It showcases a broad and detailed understanding of how entrepreneurships started in Nigeria. It is a must-read resource for any potential entrepreneur.

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Ehiobuche, C. & Madueke, C.
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Youth Entrepreneurship: from job search to business ownersh
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Monday, March 20, 2017
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United States
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978-1-5245-8144-2, ebook: 978-1-5245-8145-9
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