Using Storytelling and Role Play Therapy as Learning Strategies with Incarcerated Women

University of Phoenix
Dr. Cheryl Burleigh
Dr. Nola Veazie
Dr. Elizabeth Johnston
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Knowledge Without Boundaries
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Paper Presentation
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University of Phoenix
Online Conference
Phoenix, AZ
United States
Women represent a fast-growing segment of the criminal justice system (Frost, Green, & Pranis, 2006) but lack gender-responsive interventions and learning strategies to deal with substance abuse and criminal behaviors. Storytelling has been used previously for therapeutic purposes (Miller, 2015), however, less is known about using film or movies for therapeutic purposes with this population. The purpose of the proposed qualitative narrative inquiry is to provide counselors for incarcerated women with exploratory, narrative insights from other counselors as to how movies or film stories can provide therapeutic support for incarcerated women. Results from the study will be useful to therapists, counselor, and others working with incarcerated women.