School Leaders' Reflective Blogs Inspire Systemic Change: A Narrative Inquiry

Educators must spend time gaining knowledge inside their schools and through their students’ learning experiences to transcend centralized decision making and  implement systematic change (Laici & Orlandini, 2016).

Using the insights and knowledge acquired by implementing “hacks”, school leaders may gain a better understanding of how to systematically improve the school culture increasing student satisfaction and student academic achievement.


University of Phoenix
Dr. Cheryl Burleigh
Dr. Rita Hartman
Dr. Jim Lane
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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Knowledge Without Boundaries
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Paper Presentation
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University of Phoenix
Online Conference
Phoenix, AZ
United States
Five school leaders who took part in the Shadow a Student Challenge project discovered a school culture founded in empathy, communication, collaboration, student empowerment, awareness, and reflection have the potential for meaningful and long-lasting change. Leader empathy for student experiences inspired hacks (small innovations) generating a positive cultural shift within the school environment. A narrative inquiry approach was employed to understand and portray the leader’s stories as shared in reflections. Blogging was an integral aspect of the leadership experience and provided feedback and support within an international community of practice.