Networking the Bay Area: Continuing the Dialog to Promote Scholarship

University of Phoenix
Dr. Cheryl Burleigh
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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Knowledge Without Boundaries
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Paper Presentation
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University of Phoenix
Online Conference
Phoenix, AZ
United States
In any organization, opportunities to collaborate with colleagues should be a process that is readily available. Unfortunately, in the field of research and the advancement of scholarship, individuals tend to feel isolated especially amidst an online doctoral program. The Bay Area SAS Networking group was created and continues to support SAS doctoral students as they progress through their academic journey to achieve a terminal degree via evening and all-day workshops. The workshops are driven by the topics and questions proposed by the doctoral students, many of whom drive two or more hours to attend. The cohort, which has been together for over a year and a half, is supported by SAS faculty and alumni, who further the consensus of scholarship via discovery, integration, application, teaching, and learning. The process of developing and supporting collective academic and research networks is essential for the future of inspirational collaborations as we continue to rise as a University.