Research in Action: Charlotte Campus Research Center Quarterly Newsletter

Research in Action: Charlotte Campus Research Center Quarterly Newsletter

A Message From Dr. Alex Kocharyan, Chair, Charlotte Campus Research Center

Dear Charlotte campus faculty & students,

On June 25th we celebrated the 6th anniversary of the Charlotte Campus Research Center.  CCRC is the very first and oldest research center in UOPX.  It may be a big surprise for many, but we are the university trailblazers not widely known by outsiders. We started small with only a dozen faculty members who expressed deep interest in research and publications.  Over the years, we conducted trainings, meetings, poster sessions, and two research symposiums that helped us to solidify our position as one of the leading UOPX research centers.

We have several faculty working on the university research grants, three Research Fellows who were or are working with School of Advanced Studies Research Centers plus several others in various stages of their research careers.  Charlotte Campus Research Center showroom at Main campus SRC has over 50 publications of our faculty from all over the world that we proudly display.  Please come and enjoy reading these unique pieces of intellectual curiosity our faculty possess!  Recently, we formed two chapters of our center – one with a focus on faculty research, and the second – on students’ research.  Both have unique needs that we try to accommodate by having two of our distinguished faculty leading it.  Dr. Liz Minthorne is well known to our faculty, and Dr. Leo Maganares has been a students’ favorite for a long time.  Both are inspiring leaders who should help you in your quest for new knowledge.  Thanks!

Third Annual Faculty Scholarship Symposium

By Dr. Liz Minthorne, Vice Chair, Faculty Research & Scholarship

The University encourages professional currency and a culture of disciplined inquiry. The University has adopted and adapted the Boyer model for scholarship, encouraging scholarship across the four domains of discovery, application, integration, and teaching and learning. University of Phoenix faculty members are actively involved in academic and professional scholarly activities (Faculty Handbook). Increasing interest and focus by University of Phoenix and outside accrediting bodies are important for our consideration.

This year, the 2016 Faculty Scholarship Symposium under the auspices of the Charlotte Campus Research Center (CCRC), will be held on Friday September 30, 2016. 

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Difference between Research and Scholarship

By Dr. Leo Maganares, Vice Chair, Students Research & Scholarship

Funding is a significant factor for students to further their education. The majority of the students attend universities with an award of financial aid known as scholarship. Scholarship has another important meaning in the academic world.  Scholarship is the knowledge learned by study, communicated and validated by peers in academe and the community. The peer review establishes the soundness, accuracy, and legitimacy of the knowledge. Academic scholarship includes ESSAY presents elements of the writer's voice on a specific topic; RESEARCH investigation based upon the idea of scientific inquiry; JOURNAL open-ended, rough presentation of thoughts as a subject studied; BOOK REVIEW summary, interpretation, and conclusion of a book; POSTER presentation of research information with an academic or professional focus; PRESENTATION of an academic topic to an audience; ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION on a particular academic or professional subject.

At the Charlotte Campus Research Center (CCRC) we care about the current issues of our local and global society. At CCRC we feel that we have a moral responsibility to give back to the society, cutting edge knowledge and experience obtained by our academic journeys. We assist faculty and learners obtain competitive advantage by developing scholarship portfolios and enriching their resumes. Thinking about joining us? CCRC Students’ Chapter is always open.

Please contact me anytime at  Thanks!

Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Barbara Fedock

Dr. Barbara Fedock is our Charlotte campus lead faculty, she is also a university Research Fellow, and her study Online Dissertation Chairs’ Perceptions:  Reflective Mentoring Practices and Changing Student Cross Cultural and Generational Worldviews has been completed and accepted for publication in a SAGE journal.  She will present the study at a world conference on media and technology on June 30, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.  She is concluding the following studies: literature review on critical thinking strategies, components, and challenges in higher education, a quantitative quasi experimental Critical Thinking and mediation study, a quantitative STEM study, and a quantitative ex post facto study on adjunct faculty members and the use of social media in teaching.  Barbara said, “Oh, my, how exciting and fulfilling this research center journey is.   Working with teams of university colleagues is not only professionally challenging but enjoyable.  After reflecting on my professional growth as a researcher and scholar in the past year, I have realized that the art of researching is refreshing, rejuvenating, and revealing!”

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