Center for Workplace Diversity Research Announces New University Research Chair

Center for Workplace Diversity Research Announces New University Research Chair

Dr. Kimberly Underwood has recently joined the School of Advanced Studies as the new University Research Chair for the Center for Workplace Diversity Research (CWDR). 

Dr. Underwood brings a wealth of experience to our organization, including a combined 15 years of experience in diversity and inclusion education, research, and management within academia and government.  She has served in the roles of Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Policy, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Policy, and Chairperson of Doctoral Studies. She possesses over ten year of higher education teaching experience and has earned the ranks of facilitator, adjunct professor, assistant professor, and associate professor. She is highly skilled in teaching in face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats and has taught doctoral and graduate-level courses in diversity management, higher education administration, educational leadership, education law, consulting, and organizational behavior.  Dr. Underwood proudly notes that she has been with University of Phoenix since 2009 as an Associate Faculty member in the School of Business.

Moving forward, Dr. Underwood will focus on furthering the research agenda for the CWDR, exploring opportunities for cross-disciplinary research, and bridging theory and practice in research. As Dr. Underwood transitions into her new role, please feel free to reach out to her to introduce yourself and welcome her into our University of Phoenix family!

Learn more about her on the Center Leadership page, or reach out to her directly


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