Working with Difficult People

Working with Difficult People

Lead area Faculty chair for IO Psychology, Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim, has just published her book, "Working with Difficult People." Here is more information that has appeared related to the book: You can follow Dr. Hakim on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Working with Difficult People, Second Revised Edition by Amy Cooper Hakim, Muriel Solomon |

A revised edition of the classic guide on how to best resolve conflict in today's technologically advanced workplace.Your work day is filled with them--people who frustrate, impede, maneuver, undermine,...


I was recently asked to blog for Psychology Today (the title of the blog is Working with Difficult People).


I have been on NPR (link is below) and on Sirius radio.  You can listen to the podcast of the NPR spot through the link below.

Navigating Your Office Enemies | KERA

We all have co-workers who sometimes make our jobs difficult. This hour, we’ll talk about how to navigate those officemates who complain, undermine and even bully ...



I was asked to write an article for LinkedIn, which has had 72,000 hits over the past 12 days.

How to Deal with the Hillary or Donald in Your Office ...

How would you handle a boss like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Social media and news coverage painted very strong and specific personas of Former Secretary of ...



I'm also pasting a list of other recent newsworthy mentions below. Thanks, again, for your interest! It's a pleasure being a part of your team!


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Star-Telegram 12/9/16

In Pursuit of Profession: The psychopath down the hall

While tossing around the idea of what to discuss so close to the holidays, I went on a different tack than many of my contemporaries might take. And while the title could perhaps induce images of an axe-wielding maniac in a pin-striped suit, a la American Psycho, I think that we all need to be a little more aware of the folks with whom we’re sharing the breakroom. Now, I’m not saying that our workplaces are infested with deranged lunatics, but I did come across a recent study by forensic psychologist Nathan Brooks that stated after examining 261 senior executives in US companies, Brooks and his colleagues found that approximately one in five fit the psychological profile of a psychopath. Ironically, that is the same ratio that’s found among prison inmates. Huh…


Signature Reads 12/8/16

The Draining Boss: Tricks to Avoid a Few Workplace Black Holes

Here's a tip for the new year: Start to clearly define workplace black holes so that come 2017 you can tiptoe around them and work on, unscathed.


CNBC Make It 12/8/16

4 types of difficult co-workers and how to deal with them ...

Psychologist and author Amy Cooper Hakim helps you take the emotion out of workplace issues.




Business Radio on Sirius XM 12/1/16

In the Workplace - Business Radio on Sirius XM

Brian Mahany. False Claims Act Lawyer; Whistleblower Counsel; Fraud Recovery Attorney; Author of "Saints, Sinners & Heroes: Covert Ops in the Wars against the C-Suite ...



Fast Company 11/21/16

Two Ways To Handle A Hopelessly Indecisive Boss | Fast ...

While overcommitters break promises in the name of harmony, chameleons go back on their word because of their insecurity. That can be a problem.


Reading Eagle 11/8/16

In the Workplace: When you're mad at work, and don't know ...

Sometmes, it's hard to know what to say. In the workplace, as in life, we're often confronted with difficult people or difficult situations. Sometimes we're stunned ...


What Dave Reads 11/1/16

Metro US 10/24/16

Create a positive workplace – Metro

Shola Richards’ workplace had become so unbearably toxic that he considered driving his car off the freeway overpass. After two years at a “soul-destroying” job ...


The Fresno Bee, The Kansas City Star 10/11/16

When you’re mad or hurt at work and don’t know what to say ...

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to say. In the workplace, as in life, we’re often confronted with difficult people or difficult situations. Sometimes we’re ...


Bloomberg BusinessWeek 10/2/16




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