Should Appraisal Reviews Go Away?

Should Appraisal Reviews Go Away?

I recently read an article about getting rid of performance appraisals.  Honestly, I do not think that is a bad idea, especially if the performance appraisals are not functioning in the organization how they are supposed to.  Performance appraisals and performance management systems are implemented in organizations to help the employees which in turn helps the organization.  Performance management systems help employees understand and know how one is performing on the job.  A manager or supervisor who gives ratings on an appraisal review is supposed to give ratings that are unbiased and deserving of the employee’s performance for that particular performance period.

I have been in a manager’s position where I had to send my final appraisal review ratings to my AVP for approval.  I have been told not to give ratings too high and not to give low ratings.  Why?  The employee I wanted to give a low rating to had a bad attitude towards work and towards her co-workers.  She was not a team player.  She did not deserve the average/meets expectations rating; she deserved below average/does not meet expectations rating.  My AVP told me that if I gave her a low rating, then the employee would not have the opportunity to move to another department.  The employee did not deserve to move into another department and the other department did not deserve to gain a below average employee

I am in support of giving an employee high ratings, if the employee deserves it for his or her performance.  I am also in support of giving an employee low ratings, if it is deserved.  Providing low ratings to an employee lets the employee know what he or she needs to improve.  High ratings let the employee know you recognize the outstanding job he or she is doing.  In my opinion before an employee transfers he or she needs to make progress in deficient areas first.  The manager or supervisor should work with the employee before and after an appraisal review to make progress on areas needed for improvement and in areas where an employee is meeting expectations, but wants to get better.

Many organizations have not implemented the performance management system in an effective manner and thus it is not working in their favor.  Should they scrape completely, should they just revise some aspects, or maybe there just needs to be more in-depth training?  Read the article below and give me your thoughts.


Adler, S., Campion, M., Colquitt, A., Grubb, A., Murphy, K., Ollander-Krane, R., & Pulakos, E. D. (2016). Getting rid of performance ratings: Genius or folly? A debate. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 9, 219-252. doi:10.1017/iop.2015.106


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