September Updates

September Updates

While it may seem activities have slowed down a bit, there are several projects being worked on:

Maryse Nazon and Donnetta Hawkins are working " Drugs, Violence, Abuse" for the Encyclopedia for Women and Crime

Raymond Delaney and Deborah Ferguson are working on " Women Diverson Programs" for the Encyclopedia for Women and Crime

Frederick Lawrence and I submitted a section on "Parity Issues" for the Lockdown Nation: Encyclopedia of Controversaries and Trends in US Prisons


Still waiting on final approval on "Reentry Issues" for the Handbook on Special Offenders.

The first article involving the parity study will be published in American Jails (American Jail Association) at the end of the month.

Will recieve the official approval for the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences KC conference in a few weeks


Have begun developing an article on "Cultural Conflict and Leadership in Criminal Justice" for the Journal of Leadership Studies (SAS).


Some projects take time to research, develop, submit and be published. We are constantly looking for new avenues to explore. Perhaps you will join us on the journey.


Fiona Sussan's picture Fiona Sussan | September 12, 2016 6:19 pm MST

Hi Ray,  these are activities. do  you have a group that you broadcast these to?

Ray Bynum's picture Ray Bynum | September 13, 2016 7:18 am MST

Fiona, this is broadcasted to the active research group and others who might be interested.  The active group is:

Lorraine Priest - Business Admin. Phoenix

Frederick Lawrence - Business Admin, Phoenix

Raymond Delaney -  Criminal Jusitce, New Orleans

Maryse Nazon- Social Sciences, Chicago

Debbie Ferguson- Social Sciences, Mississippi

Donnetta Hawkins- Social Sciences, Nashville

Talia Moore- McClure, Criminal Justice, San Francisco

Kent Mosher- Business Admin, Phoenix

Pam Gordon - Business admin/ CJ, Florida

This is a research community with several projects going on. Some projects may involve two members, some may involve five members. The blog helps keep track of the different projects and due dates.

There are other members which become involved on occasion depending on the project. We have been working with the College of Criminal Justice (Lisa Corprew, Dean of Faculty, Franzi Walsh) to assist in developing scholarship activity for their faculty. They are looking at the possibility of CJ faculty meeting the same standards of scholarship as the chairs. Our group is the primary research community for CJ related (and other topics) scholarship activities. So the blog also helps them in reviewing the activities we are involved in.



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