Publications and Conferences

Publications and Conferences

The Cultural Conflict and Society research community would like to welcome Dr Kimberly Underwood as the center director. Her background in inclusion, law enforcement and corrections will be beneficial to the research interests.

We just gave a presentation at the 40th Anniversary Ruby Red Celebration of the UOP Southern Arizona campus. Our presentation provided an overview of the activities of the Cultural Conflict and Society research community.

In Nov 2016, our article on "Parity Issues in Criminal Justice" was published in American Jails (American Jail Association). This is part of a series of articles discussing results of the parity studies.

The article "The Role of Higher Education in Cultural Conflict in Criminal Justice" was published in the Southern Arizona InterCollegiate Journal a few weeks ago.

On Jan 30 & 31, we will be providing a poster and paper presentation at the American Association of Behavior and Social Sciences conference in Las Vegas. This is a conference for psychologists and social workers. Our topic is "Philosophy of Punishment, Education and Cultural Conflict in Criminal Justice."

In March, we will be providing a special seminar at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) conference in Kansas City, Mo. The topic will be "1967 President's Commission- 50th Anniversary- Has Higher Education Met Its Obligation in Reducing Cultural Confict in Criminal Justice?"  David May, criminal justice professor at Mississippi State University (ACJS Corrections Chair), will be assisting with the seminar.

We also  have several papers and projects waiting final approval.

If you would like to become involved in the projects, please let us know.

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