The Qualitative Report 10th Annual Conference

The Qualitative Report 10th Annual Conference

Call Status

Deadline for Participation


The Qualitative Report 10th Annual Conference
January 16-18, 2019 : Fort-Lauderdale : Florida

Information Required for Submission


In 12 to 15 words, please include the most important elements of your presentation (e.g., your study participants, your focus in studying these participants, and your method for conducting this study).

Presenter Information

Please only add the names of people planning to present at the conference.

Format Type

  • Workshop Presentation – 50 minutes: Participants expect an interactive session designed to help them develop new qualitative research or mixed-method skills and/or know-how.
  • Paper Presentation – 20 minutes: Participants expect a report of a completed qualitative or mixed-method research report or an account of a qualitative research methodological innovation.
  • Panel Presentation – 50 minutes: Participants expect a panel leader to facilitate a conversation among multiple panel members on a qualitative or mixed method research topic.


Please compose your abstract in 200 words or less so you convey a logical, accurate, and concise map of your presentation's organizational structure.

Submission Deadlines
The submission deadline is April 30, 2018.

Registration for the conference will open in April.

Successful applicants must confirm participation as presenters, by registering as a presenter for TQR2019 by November 15, 2018.

To be included in the conference program, at least one presenter must have registered by November 15, 2018.