Recent CWDIR Accomplishments

Recent CWDIR Accomplishments

Congratulations to Ramon Moran for the successful completion of this CWDIR Research Fellowship!  His article, “Workplace Spirituality in Law Enforcement: A Content Analysis of the Literature,” explores how spirituality is viewed in law enforcement and proposes new directions for the integration of spirituality in this field. His work was recently published in the Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion.

T. Ray Ruffin was selected by the University of Alabama as a keynote speaker for their Fall research forum to address topics related to rural health.  His presentation, “Improvements for Augmenting Rural Health Care Access and Outcomes through Teleconsulting and Health Information Exchanges,” was one of three selected presentations geared to address rural health disparities. Congratulations!

Kudos to Carlos Aquino and Robert Robertson for their recently published textbook, Diversity and Inclusion in the Global Workplace: Aligning Initiatives with Strategic Business Goals. This book focuses on nontraditional diversity management strategies and includes chapters written on various topics by our own CWDIR members: Susan Beier, Kelley Conrad, Donnie Hutchinson, Debra Jenkins, Bethany Mickahail, Herman van Niekerk and Ronald Rojas. Awesome work, team!

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