CWDIR Excellence Represented within 2018 KWB Virtual Research Summit

CWDIR Excellence Represented within 2018 KWB Virtual Research Summit

Over 400 participants attended the 2018 Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Summit.  This virtual event allowed attendees to view dynamic presentations, engage in thought-provoking question and answer sessions, all while being comfortably situated in their own homes.  Yes, it was a highly successful event!  And, we are working to make the 2019 KWB Research Summit even better. 

Following the conference, I took a much needed vacation.  During this time, I reflected on all of the situations and interactions within the four days and came to this realization… You all are completely awesome in every way! I was able to “meet” so many of you during the four days and appreciated the opportunity to make many meaningful connections with members I had not had a chance to interact with in the past.  The face-to-face capability of the platform used during this conference allowed for many of our members to connect and interact for future initiatives and new friendships. Thank you to all who attended!

Many of you submitted dynamic proposals for consideration and we had a great representation of topics within the presentations during the summit (see list below). Congratulations to the following CWDIR members on your dynamic presentations:

            Leading Virtual Research Teams for Collaboration, Engagement, and Advancement

     Presenters: Donna Smith, Kimberly Underwood, Rehema Underwood

The Shift from Diversity to Inclusion: On the Road to Servant Leadership

     Presenter: Christopher Hicks

Millennials in the Workplace: Exploring Managerial Perceptions in Multi-Generational Organizations

     Presenter: Rehema Underwood

Exploring the Lived Experiences of Transgender Individuals in Traditional Organizations

     Presenter: Donna Smith

The Role of the Modern Day Educator in the Social Justice Movement: An Exploration of Police Violence, the #BLM Movement, and the Classroom

     Presenter: Kimberly Underwood

Renal Cell Carcinoma: Raising Awareness through Experience, Education, Early Detection, and Advocacy. A Survivor’s Autobiography Case Study

     Presenter: Giselle Castillo

Fostering an Inclusive Workforce: Not Why, But How?

     Presenters: Kimberly Underwood, Angie Williams

The Impact of Female Micromanagement on Male Workers: A Qualitative Empirical Phenomenological Study

     Presenter: Giselle Castillo

Presentation of Case Study Methodology & Design from a Scholar-Practitioner Perspective

     Presenter: Barbara Mather

Promoting Cultural and Social Acceptance in the Classroom: A Lesson in Building Cultural Equity

     Presenter: Katherine Temple

Recalibrating Diversity and Inclusion: Exploring Organizational Diversity Socialization Through the Lens of New Members

     Presenter: Kimberly Underwood

Can You Reach Career Readiness in a Self-Driving Car?

     Presenter: Helen Schleckser


     Presenter: Beth Perry

Workplace Violence Regarding Retention and Turnover

     Presenter: James Ashton

Assessing Strategic Thinking Behaviors of Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership Alumni

     Presenters: Daniel Roberts, Marisela Jimenez and team

Knowledge Without Boundaries 2.0

     Presenter: Kimberly Underwood

Sensing the Weak Signals of the Future: Attributes of the SPL Model

     Presenter: Herman van Niekerk and team

Further, this event would not have been successful without those who volunteered in various capacities to assist within this summit.  Please, allow me the opportunity to recognize the amazing members of our center who volunteered during this event: Donna Smith, Rehema Underwood, Hilary Johnson-Lutz, Maryse Nazon, Ray Bynum, Sandra Sessoms-Penny and Alana Lyles.  

As we move into a new academic year, I wish each of you the very best and look forward to your continued successes in the upcoming year!

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