Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

We all have 24 hours in a day; however, some people use those hours more efficiently than others.

Why is that?  More importantly, how do they do it?

Throughout the last five years, I’ve come to discover their secret; start your day early!

I realized this after reading “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” by Robin Sharma.  Incidentally, this is a fabulous book and a great help to redirect your life toward a more meaningful path. I highly recommend it!

In his book, Sharma (2007) discussed the importance of getting up early. In fact, he recommends waking up at 5am every weekday in order to get a jump-start to your day. Yes, you read that correctly, 5am!

Having always been an early bird, I decided to give it a try. The results were incredible! As I started getting up earlier, I found time to properly exercise, gather my thoughts, plan my day and get important work done – all before 7am. Because I was so productive in the early hours of the morning, I felt energized throughout my day, and in control of my life.

Today, I still get up at the crack of dawn; in fact, I wake up at 4am each morning.  By making this slight adjustment to my daily schedule, I have been able to accomplish everything I need to do and still be there for my family.

With the help of this post, I hope I have inspired you to try this rise-and-shine strategy. If you do try it, I’m sure you will notice how much more efficient and productive you will become. What’s more, you will finally have that extra moment in the day to collect your thoughts and set down goals and priorities.

In my next post, I will offer some useful strategies to help you rise and shine, and I will also offer some suggestions as to how to properly use that morning time.



Sharma, R. (2007). The monk who sold his ferrari (2nd ed.). Toronto, ON: Harper Collins.

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