The Five Minute Productivity Blitz

The Five Minute Productivity Blitz

Being busy with motherhood, marriage, a career, graduate studies, and committee work; I’ve realized how precious 5 minutes has become.  Yes, a whole 5 minutes!

Undoubtedly, having a demanding schedule has made me rethink how to maximize my time and make the most of every minute. In light of this, I’ve developed my personal theory of productivity called the Five-Minute Productivity Blitz.

In her book, I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This, White (2012) explains that waiting for a big block of time to become uber-productive, conquer the world, rest, or start a meaningful project, will rarely happen! Life is way too busy for that, and besides; something will always present itself to stop the production line. A guest will show up, your child will get sick, or you may have to leave town on an unexpected business trip. These situations are out of our control. As a result, we get discouraged and experience goal frustration.

According, I started analyzing the situation and I got creative. I took a closer look into my day and saw many pockets of time that were in my control. It was just five minutes here and there, but none the less, I had some extra time. I know five minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but trust me, it can be the start of something great and can better yet, can get the productivity ball rolling.

Here are a few examples of what can be accomplished in just five minutes.

– Drive to work and listen to an audiobook (if you live in a small town);
– Clean out the kitchen junk drawer or your sock drawer;
– Write a quick email to one of your contacts to maintain your network;
– Sort through your mail, shred, and pay a bill or two;
– Jot down ideas for a blog post;
– Write down your goals;
– Review your goals;
– Plan your week’s menu and make a grocery list;
– Call someone to say a quick hello;
– Fold a basket of laundry (while listening to your audiobook);
– Read a passage from a great book;
– In the evening, plan out your upcoming day;
– Go over your calendar of appointments;
– Journal to connect with yourself; or
– Sit still, breathe, collect your thoughts and visualize your dreams.

What is magical about the Five-Minute Productivity Blitz is that it will often take on its own momentum and expand according to your needs. Five minutes may turn into 10, and 10 into 15, and so on. Furthermore, motivation will increase, ideas will start flowing, and soon, you’ll be on a roll!

This is how I’ve worked for many years. During these short sessions of focused time, I’ve come up with great ideas, started meaningful projects, and organized myself in order to keep making the most of my time.

Five minutes. It’s a small investment in time that has the potential to yield great rewards!



White, K. (2012). I shouldn’t be telling you this. New York, NY: Harper Collins.

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