Cultural Conflict and Society research community projects

Cultural Conflict and Society research community projects

The Cultural Conflict and Society research community is actively involved in several projects involving criminal justice. Because of this, we like to keep the College of Security & Criminal Justice informed of our activities.

Parity Issues

The first article on the results for the Parity study will be published in the Sept/ Oct edition of American Jails of the American Jail Association.

We will be providing a chapter on parity issues for the Lockdown Nation: An Encyclopedia of Trends and Controversies in Prisons (peer reviewed - ABC – CLIO) in a few months.

Offenders with Special Needs and Re-entry programs

An article on offenders with special need and re-entry programs will be published in May/ June edition of American Jails by the American Jail Association.

We will be providing a chapter on special needs offenders issues with re-entry programs in the  Handbook of Offenders with Special Needs (Lamar University).

Tentatively, we will be providing a presentation on special needs offenders and re-entry programs at the 2018 ACJS (Academy of Criminal Justice Science) conference in New Orleans.

Cultural Conflict in Criminal Justice

In March 2016, we presented a paper on “Cultural Conflict in Corrections” at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference in Denver. At the conference, I briefly spoke with Dr Franzi Walsh about the 2017 conference.

We are currently developing posters for presentation at the 5th annual Research Symposium. The posters will concentrate on the “role of higher education and cultural conflict in criminal justice”. This will be at the Marriott Buttes hotel in Phoenix on Saturday, June 4th starting at 8 AM. If in Phoenix, you are encouraged to drop by.

We will be developing and submitting an article for the Southern Arizona Intercollegiate Journal . The article will also discuss the role of higher education and cultural conflict in criminal justice. We will use this as an opportunity to prepare for the 2017 ACJS presentation.

1967 President’s Commission – 50th Anniversary- Has Higher Education Met Its Obligation?

We have been asked to provide an open seminar on the above topic at the 2017 ACJS conference in Kansas City, Mo. Hopefully, we can provide an open dialogue about the efforts of criminal justice college programs and how it can be improved to address cultural conflict issues. The panel consists of:

Lorraine Priest – UOP (Phoenix)

Frederick Lawrence – UOP (Phoenix)

Debbie Ferguson – UOP (Mississippi)

David May – Mississippi State University

Ray Bynum – UOP (Tucson)


(Dan Phillips, St Catherine College, KY was unable to continue on the panel due to health issues). We are using the different events to develop the content and presentation on this topic. For example, the posters we are developing for the Phoenix Research Symposium will also be used for this presentation. While the panel is set, we are still seeking input, comments, content, etc. for the presentation.

As the projects progress, we will also keep CSCJ informed. A copy of this will be placed in the Cultural Conflict and Society research community, Workplace Diversity center, blog.

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