Academy of Management - 79th Annual Meeting

Academy of Management - 79th Annual Meeting

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Academy of Management 79th Annual Meeting

Theme:  Understanding the Inclusive Organization

August 9 - 13, 2019

Boston, MA

Submission deadline January 19, 2019 (5 pm Eastern, 6 pm Central, 7 pm Mountain, 8 pm Pacific)

Global trends, such as population growth, increased migration, and prolonged life expectancies, have produced compositional changes in workforces that make the creation of inclusive organizations important for engaging all employees. Yet other trends, such as continued technological advances and growing gig economy, call into question traditional notions of employment and thus, the maintenance of such organizations. These trends highlight the heterogeneity of workforces, as well as challenges around people’s sense of belonging and their ability to fully participate in organizations.

Inclusive organizations are open systems of opportunity in which all stakeholders have access to information, resources, and the capacity to fully contribute to their functioning. Driven by broad participation and equity, such systems align and make use of employees’ individual and collective talents. However, as compared to organizational assimilation or cultural isomorphism, inclusive environments incorporate the cognitive, linguistic, ideological, economic, and other diversity of individuals. In effect, all individuals and groups are valued in inclusive organizations regardless of any group membership or status.