Knowledge without Boundaries - Bootcamp (March 15-17, 2018)

Knowledge without Boundaries - Bootcamp (March 15-17, 2018)

The Center for Global Business and Information Technology Research and Center for Management and Entrepreneurship are hosting a bootcamp as a parallel event with Southern Regional Science Association Conference on March 15-17.  The bootcamp is a beta for a new type of Knowledge without Boundaries event.  The bootcamp leaders saw an opportunity to leverage the professional conference attendance with supplemental research development opportunities and experiences for UOPX affiliates in the Philly area.  Campus leaders, SAS Research Chairs and Fellows, and SAS faculty are providing a bootcamp space to share their research and skill sets. To learn how to join the event or share your own research project to date, visit the event page here >>

The Thursday bootcamp will be hosted by the Philadelphia campus.  The bootcamp leaders are Erin and Joe, from Philadelphia, Brian Sloboda and Fiona Sussan from SAS, and CGBTR Fellows Louis Daily and Subas Nandy, both Philadelphia locals.

The Thursday March 15th tentative bootcamp schedule is as follows: 

  •  9am – 945am: Dr. Lou Daily “Is low entrepreneurial spirit contagious? A discussion of Japanese colonial influence on South Korea”
  • 10am – 1045am: Dr. Subas Nandy  “A Tale of Two Cities: Political sovereignty change and their impact on entrepreneurship advancement in two Greater China Cities – Hong Kong and Macau”
  • 11am – 1145am: Dr. Cristina Marine “Romania and its multi-regional entrepreneurial ecosystems”
  • 12noon – 1245pm: Ms LaTuanya Howard “Detroit’s path from an Innovation Ecosystem to an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”
  • 1pm – 145pm: Dr. Dena Bateh (fellowship project) “Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Egypt and Saudi Arabia”  
  • 145pm – 6 pm: Attend SRSA Conference off campus (for conference participants)
  • 6pm - 8pm: Philly Research Club Meeting (Philly Downtown campus)
  • 6pm- 7pm: Dr. Mark McCaslin Welcome and Presentation on Research
  • 7pm – 8pm: research club discussions

The organizers will continue the boot camp event with informal boot camps after conference hours on March 16 and 17th.   Non-conference attendees are welcome to join and work with us at the conference site (Courtyard Marriott) Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. The informal sessions will be held at the conference site (Courtyard Marriott) and not the UOPX campus.  If you plan on stopping by, please reach out to Brian Sloboda.  

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