Dr. Scott WM Burrus Presents at the PSSHE Virtual Conference

Dr. Scott WM Burrus Presents at the PSSHE Virtual Conference

On February 13th, 2017 Dr. Scott WM Burrus presented at Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education "Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment the 2017 Virtual Conference."



Factors that Influence Student Attrition in Online Courses

Research was conducted to explore predictors for online higher education student attrition. This research was conducted using results from the SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator to track students in their degree programs. In addition, student outreach was conducted with an experimental group of at-risk students to determine if additional academic support promoted retention. Results demonstrated that verbal and physical learning styles and personal attributes such as procrastination increase the likelihood for attrition, while clear reasons for pursuing a degree and typing skills decrease the likelihood for attrition. Outreach to identified at-risk students did promote greater levels of student success and persistence.
Presenter: Melanie Shaw, Assistant Dean, Dissertation Faculty, Northcentral University Scott Burrus, University Research Chair, University of Phoenix Karen Ferguson, Assistant Provost, Colorado State University - Global Campus

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