Knowledge Without Boundaries: My Phoenix Experience

Knowledge Without Boundaries: My Phoenix Experience

My background within School of Advanced Studies (SAS) includes six years of online teaching and mentoring of doctoral students as a Dissertation Chair.  I became a Research Fellow in 2014 with the Center for Management & Entrepreneurship (CME) and I successfully completed my research project, “Mobile Technology and the Employee-Customer-Profit Chain” with publication in the peer-reviewed SAM Advanced Management Journal (Winter 2016).

This year I am a Research Fellow with the Center for Learning Analytics (CLA) and my new research project is on machine learning using social media data to examine student, faculty, and alumni perceptions of the University of Phoenix and how that relates to career-relevant programs with impact to brand and resource allocations.

This year’s Knowledge Without Boundaries (KWB) event was epic!  I found it to be a mind-meld experience of great research coming out of the business, healthcare, and education centers.  I was really impressed with the remarkable achievements of my colleagues and the heart-felt passion expressed by each of the Research Center Chairs.  It was refreshing to see and hear how each of the research centers are contributing to the creation of new knowledge and putting scholarship to work.  For example, we, as a university, now have 10 research centers, 62 Research Fellows, over 700 research faculty affiliations, and over 400 journal publications!  In addition, my geographic area, which includes the Detroit campus, is cultivating a community of scholars with focus on achieving breakthrough results for positive real-world impact. 

My favorite parts of the event included connecting with my research colleagues and engaging in meaningful conversation about our work and the motivations behind why we do what we do.  Overall, it was an epic event!  The accommodations and food were top-notch stellar at the Camby Hotel in Phoenix.   I encourage others who are thinking about putting scholarship to work to attend future KWB events to learn how to join this great movement of innovation and performance excellence at the University of Phoenix!



Sandra Nunn's picture Sandra Nunn | June 16, 2016 10:55 pm MST

Hi Laura Ann.  It was such a pleasure meeting you at the Knowledge Without Boundaries conference in Phoenix.  Like you, I also enjoyed the conference immensely as a new Research Fellow.  I look forward to speaking to you in the future and perhaps collaborating on some research at some point.......Dr. Sandra Nunn

LauraAnn Migliore's picture LauraAnn Migliore | June 23, 2016 6:54 pm MST

Hi Sandra!  I enjoyed meeting you too!  Please keep me posted on your research progress.  I recently received very good news from IRB with approval to move forward, and I am very excited about the next phase of implementing my research project in Big Data / Machine Learning!   Let's talk again soon! Dr. LauraAnn

Erik Bean's picture Erik Bean | July 14, 2016 5:43 pm MST

Congratulations on the acceptance of publication of your study LauraAnn. Your experience is a role model of the type of success affiliates can also achieve!  

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