Spring 2022 Phoenix Scholar Call: Deadline March 25th

Spring 2022 Phoenix Scholar Call: Deadline March 25th

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Deadline for Participation


Message for College of Doctoral Faculty


First 2022 Phoenix Scholar: Theme: Commerce in the Wake of Uncertainty and Pandemonium 


Our world is inevitably tied by several factors that primarily include the sale of good and services, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. For the most part the economy is driven by a profit centric model that includes the World Bank, an ongoing pandemic, and competition near and far as well as politics, international laws, and a myriad of regulations. In times of prosperity the system works well. But in uncertain times bundled with pandemonium, meandering stock markets, political tensions, war ── the system can topple, eliciting famines and hardships to many. In this initial Phoenix Scholar call, we invite all stakeholders to share business related research, best practices, and conceptual pieces that focus on industry and the academy but from an enterprise purview first. If the focus is on education, what funding practices both private and public are at risk?  Whether for-profit or non-profit, what models of human work ethics add value to staff, leadership, learners, and/or customers?  We recommend submitting articles that are tied to immediacy, meaning newsworthy business-related situations that real companies, teaching centers, and other philanthropic endeavors are currently experiencing.  


  1. Articles should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words, written in a third person authoritative writing voice, in APA style, but with only a short listing of the most prominent references included.  
  1. Submit all pieces using Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced.  
  1. All images as JPG or PNG format (Figures and Tables) must be submitted separately using the same title of the article. Include cutlines (description) of each image at the end of the article itself. Number images appropriately that match cutlines.  
  1. DEADLINE: SEND ALL MATERIALS AFTER CAREFULLY EDITING THEM TO: deadline@email.phoenix.edu by C.O.B. (Close of Business) Friday, March 18th, 2022. Submission does not guarantee acceptance and all rejected articles will be notified at the time of publication in May 2022.  ALL materials must be emailed at the SAME time. Piecemeal submissions will NOT be accepted.  
  1. Please include a brief bio of each author and their relationship to University of Phoenix or other schools as applicable.  


Note: While all pieces will be internally peer reviewed, the periodical is not a delivery system of completed research but sharing research in process or sharing research that has been previously published as a summary of the results is acceptable.  


Thank you and good luck!  


Dr. Erik Bean

The Center for Leadership Studies & Organizational Research Team 

University of Phoenix

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