InSite 2021 Virtual Conference: July 6-7

InSite 2021 Virtual Conference: July 6-7

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This is a request for participation to present your original research at the Informing Science Institutes 2021 Virtual Annual Conference in July. I am leading track 7 public health and preparedness response capacity.  The focus of the research track is on advancing scholarly knowledge in the field of public health emergency preparedness in the context of social equity.  There are two main areas of interest:
Realities of COVID-19
What have we learned and how does it apply to better healthcare outcomes for the under-served? and 
Social Equity
The system or infrastructure must be equitable to enable success for our most under-served populations. Take a look at the attached click the public health preparedness link for additional information.  
July 06 – July 07, 2021

InSITE is often quoted as the best conference delegates ever attended. Its focus is to develop the trust relationships needed to enable collaborative research with colleagues from other nations and other disciplines. It is a unique experience in which the leadership in the organization truly welcomes new and old researchers alike. Unlike conferences that are designed for cliques of insiders, at InSITE you are the insider.
Dr. Kim Sanders, DHA, MBA
Fellow in Residence
University of Phoenix
Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research