UOPX Contributes to Healthy Dose of Scholarship at 21st Annual ILA Ottawa Conference

UOPX Contributes to Healthy Dose of Scholarship at 21st Annual ILA Ottawa Conference

By Erik Bean
Associate University Research Chair
Center for Leadership and Organizational Research

Once again, it’s time to take the pulse on what makes leadership tick. All eyes will be looking up North as leaders in all categories from politics to industry, the academy, consultancy, and entrepreneurs conduct a thorough scholarship checkup at the 2019 International Leadership Association (ILA) 21st annual global conference dubbed, “Leadership: Courage Required,” held Oct. 24-27 in Ottawa.

More than a dozen University of Phoenix doctorates are expected to perform several revitalizing leadership focused workshops, panels, presentations, roundtables, as well as chairing events, and keynoting special interest group (SIG) luncheons. University of Phoenix V.P. Janice L. Cardwell, chair of the ILA Leadership Development SIG and University of Phoenix Hawaiian Academic Affairs Director Renee R. Green, LD past chair, start the rounds with a unique workshop, Changing Lanes – The New Wave of Leaders Making Courageous Change! According to the ILA 2019 Session Guide, Cardwell and Green maintain,In a world of new technologies and declining resources, leadership persona's must be fluid, flexible, organic, and innovative to improve human capital and support organizational innovations.”

Cardwell also will present Entrepreneurship: Profiles in Courageous Self-Leadership in a Business Leadership SIG symposium Exploring Entrepreneurial Leadership with Anthony Middlebrooks and Stephanie E. Raible, each from the University of Delaware. Green will chair a session of presentations on Leadership Coaching: Challenges, Methods, and Strategies with Ruby Campbell. Erik Bean, Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research (CLSOR) associate university research chair and LD committee member was invited to speak at this year’s LD luncheon. The topic is “Energy” based on The Energy Bus Book by Jon Gordon.

Past University of Phoenix Scholar of the Year and Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research (CLSOR) Senior Fellow, Lynne E. Devnew will provide a participatory comprehensive exam, Developing Visual Models to Explain Theories and Concepts: Tools for Scholars and Practitioners. Models used draw from the women and leadership literature. Devnew is on the executive board of ILA’s Women and Affinity SIG. She also co-chaired the last ILA women and leadership conference.

A checkup that is expected to be any other than routine will be led by Retiring Dean of Research and Scholarship Mark McCaslin, a CLSOR fellow, and Cardwell dubbed Leadership Checkup: Are You Practicing Healthy Leadership? Here attendees will explore and experience five potentiating practices that support healthy leadership. The 90-minute workshop demonstrates how to practice, 1). deep understanding, 2). critical reflection, 3). maturity, 4). empowerment, and 5). generativity. “Potentiating, for clarification, is any action taken by individuals in leader roles that affectively causes something, or the relationship itself, to become potent: creative, strong, capable, powerful, effective, empowered, and healthy. Come prepared for learning episodes that involve moving, reflecting and experiencing Healthy Leadership,” ILA Session Guide.

The checkup continues with Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research (CWDIR) Chair, Kimberly Underwood and CWDIR Fellow Donna Smith with Including Inclusion: Exploring the Role of Leadership Support for Transitioning Transgender Employees as well as “Pracademic” Development: Building Higher Educational Professionals of the Future.  

Two presentations conduct a rigorous examination specifically for educators. The first is from Katherine Temple, UOPX associate faculty, who offers a regimen in Transform Educators into Courageous International Change Agents. The other, Leadership Skills in Online Doctoral Education Programs that provides a prescription for those in key online roles by Jennifer Calito, Jeanie Krause Bachand, and Cynthia D. Kittle, each UOPX associate faculty.

Entrepreneurs and millennials are included in the exam as 2019 University of Phoenix Distinguished Scholar of the Year, Louise Underdahl, Elizabeth Isele, Global of Experienced Entrepreneurship, Ronald G. Leach, UOPX associate faculty, Norris Krueger, UOPX associate faculty, Matthew Knight, Walden University, and Jean R. Perlman, MetaConnect, will present Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship: Interdisciplinary and Intergenerational Innovation and Kimberly Underwood will discuss Millennials in the Workplace: Exploring Managerial Perceptions in Multi-Generational Organizations.

Lunthita Duthely, UOPX associate faculty reminds all that none of the leadership elixirs can work if it were not for the conference theme, courage. In two separate presentations Duthely leads a call to examine intuition and to act when appropriate. She is assisted by Shanita Akintonda, Columbia College, and Kamla Mungal, University of the West Indies in Intuition in the Face of Adversity: The Courage to “Go with your Gut!” and chairs The Courage to Act with Shanita Akintonda, Columbia College, Kamla Mungal, University of the West Indies, and Adi John Walker, POD International Consulting.

Finally, thinking healthy can have its rewards especially for those in the academy who strive to get published. To help lead a vigorous global conversation on leadership several of the editors of the Journal of Leadership Studies will host a round table of peer reviewed publication opportunities designed to keep everyone fit. Those on hand may include Editor in Chief Hinrich Eylers, Senior Editor Mark R. Ludorf, Austin State University, Symposium Editor Anthony Middlebrooks, University of Delaware, Media Review Editor Dan Jenkins, University of Southern Maine, Leadership Perspectives Section Editor Erik Bean, Research Methods Editor Clinton M. Stephens, Emporia State University and Mark McCaslin, editorial board member. Best wishes for an excellent checkup to all presenters and attendees at this year’s conference.





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