Celebrating the Success of 7 Doctoral Journeys

Celebrating the Success of 7 Doctoral Journeys

Dr. Debra S. Sandberg, College of Doctoral Studies faculty is celebrating the successful doctoral journey of 7 doctoral students for 2019.  Dr. Sandberg was honored being chair for Dr. Carla Pennington and Dr. Teresa Wexler, graduating in October 2019.  Along with these wonderful students, in 2019, Dr. Sandberg has had the privilege to assist Dr. Clarence Riggins, Dr. Carlette Satterwhite, Dr. Yukeshi Curry, Dr. Kim Cotter Fuchs and Dr. Risell Tachin on their dissertation committees.

Dr. Carla Pennington pictured above

Having been a part of the students’ doctoral journeys since 2015, Dr. Sandberg says, “There are many long days and nights spent with these students and it was my pleasure”.  The excitement, the tears and the pride of graduation are expressed here on Dr. Pennington’s face. These students have added to the body of knowledge of each of their professions and will continue to research and explore to improve the quality of life for the people they serve. Dr. Sandberg served the 7 recent students in these capacities:  Congratulations to all the new doctorates and Dr. Sandberg for helping them to achieve success.


Carla Pennington – DHA - Exploring Leadership of Hospice Administrators’ Influence on Job Satisfaction: A Hermeneutic Interpretative Phenomenological Study. July 21, 2019

Teressa Wexler - EdD - The Effect of Tutoring on Undergraduate Nursing Student Test Scores: An Ex Post Facto Study. June 13, 2019


Committee Member

Yukeshi Sharunda Curry - DM - Narrative Inquiry: Professional Advancement for African – American Males through Professional Mentorship Program. April 4, 2019

Clarence Riggins - Perceived Barriers to Veterans Affairs Benefits for Veterans with Self-connected Disabilities. May 16, 2019 

Carlette Satterwhite - DBA -Veteran Women’s Experiences Using Non-Governmental Alternative Treatment Services for PTSD: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis. June 26, 2019

Kim Cotter Fuchs  - DM - Leadership Competencies for Outsourced Relationships, A Qualitative e-Delphi Study. July 8, 2019

Risell Tachin – DHA - Perceptions of Healthcare Organization Leaders on Ethical Decision-Making: A Qualitative Descriptive Case Study. August 15, 2019


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