Use of Social Media in Online Education to Increase Retention

Use of Social Media in Online Education to Increase Retention

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The 5th European Conference on Social Media will be held in Limerick, Ireland on June 21-22.  The meeting will be held at the Limerick Institute of Technology.
Dr. Phil Davidson is looking for a partner to collaborate on a proposal on the use of social media in online education in order to increase retention. He may be reached at: 
There is a main conference, and there will be six mini-tracks:
  • Big Social Data Analytics 
  • Brand Management and Social Media
  • Gamification and Social Media
  • Social Media and the DIY Artist: How the development of social media has impacted on the music industries
  • Social Media and Entrepreneurship
  • Social Media and Online Teaching (Dr. Davidson will be leading this mini-track)
The schedule is as follows:
·         An abstract must be submitted by 11/30/2017
·         12/18/17 notification on acceptance of abstract.
·         The full paper must be submitted for full peer-review by 1/18/2018.   
·         If the paper is accepted (with or without changes), we would be notified by 3/29/2018.


My intent is to write a paper related to the use of social media in online education as a tool to enhance student retention (or not).  There have been statements made and at least one company marketing a mobile app.  Their argument is that students who become socially involved in the social media app designed for a particular college will be persistent in staying with that college.  The app includes metrics to measure how often students “engage” the app and whether they attend specific events.  Designed for on ground traditional colleges, there is good research that indicates that students who are socially engaged in college are more likely to continue attending that college.