Symposium Feature: Call for Papers Envisioning Future Leadership

Symposium Feature: Call for Papers Envisioning Future Leadership

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Symposium Feature – Call for Papers

Envisioning Future Leadership:

Utopia, Dystopia, or More of the Same?

Editor: Tony Middlebrooks, Associate Professor, University of Delaware

SEEKING BRIEF Papers (1200-1500 word) that lead with a provoking vision of where leadership is heading – and elaborate on that vision with evidence, reflective detail, intriguing implications, and lessons for leadership theorists, practitioners, educators, and followers.

Deadline for draft abstracts (250 words): August 1, 2018

Paper finalists notified by editor by August 15, 2018

Deadline for draft submissions: November 1, 2018

What will the future of leadership look like based on the where we have been, the trends of today, and our continuously growing understanding of human behavior? Despite the relative immaturity of disciplines related to leadership; the identity, development, activities, theories, and approach of leaders and leadership look very different from the past. And yet, many of the same themes and challenges continue to carry through, e.g., the “golden rule”, might makes right, leader versus leadership.

As the International Leadership Association celebrates its 20th anniversary, this issue of Symposium asks the question: What will the leadership of the future look like? Recent events around the world would have one think we are regressing and progressing simultaneously but on different planes of understanding. Visions of leadership might consider:

  • What will a future leadership position look like?
  • What processes will individuals engage, and will they be called leadership?
  • What forms of influence will become prevalent?
  • How will we start, build, and/or nurture relationships – between others, between organization and individual, between leader and follower?
  • What outcomes will be pursued?
  • Who (or what…AI?) will comprise a leadership team or group?
  • What contextual or cultural variables will impact leadership?
  • What will leadership communication mean in the future?


As with all Symposia, we are looking to start many conversations. Our hope with this issue is that the resulting visions and perspectives will inspire new directions for leadership education and consultation, spark lines of research, and facilitate leadership and organizational development.

Please confirm your interest by sending a rough abstract (250 words) via email ( by August 1, 2018. Finalists will be notified of acceptance shortly thereafter. Final submissions should be 1200-1500 words and are due November 1, 2018.

To see an example of a recent Symposium, visit…although the present Symposium idea is rather different from those prior: Author guidelines for the Journal of Leadership Studies can be found at: