UOPX scholars prominent at 2018 communal TQR Conference

UOPX scholars prominent at 2018 communal TQR Conference

Left to right bottom: Kimberly Underwood, Ph.D., Erik Bean, Ed.D., LauraAnn Migliore, Ph.D. Left to right top: Jim Lane, Ed.D, Dr. Johnny Saldana, Patricia Akojie, Ph.D., Steven Geer, D.B.A. and Daniel L. Roberts, D.M. Left to right center: Lynne Devnew, D.B.A., Jim Lane, Ed.D.

Qualitative researchers often pride themselves on their communal atmosphere and the 9th Annual Qualitative Report Conference, The Phenomenology of Qualitative Research, held at Nova Southeastern University, Jan. 11-14 saw this edict well observed. How many conferences can one attend and meet the founder of a research technique or author of the latest methodology texts, are available for autographs and pictures, and most notably attend many presentations themselves? Answer ⧿ few. But these practices are common at TQRC. And most of University of Phoenix presenters took advantage at various keynote, workshop, and networking opportunities, while prominently sharing their own scholarly observations.  

Distinguished Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research (CLSER) Senior Fellow Lynne Devnew led the pack of eleven impressive University of Phoenix representatives accepted to present including two recent School of Advanced Studies (SAS) Alum, Steven Geer and Daniel L. Roberts (Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion affiliate), Center for Education and Instructional Technology (CEIT) Affiliate Patricia Akojie, Associate Research Chair, CWDI Kimberly Underwood, CEIT Senior Fellow Jim Lane, Associate Research Chair, CLSER, Erik Bean, and Center of Learning Analytics Fellow LauraAnn Migliore. CEIT Fellow Barbara Fedock, CEIT Affiliate and Instructional Designer Melissa McCartney, CEIT Affiliate Douglas Neeley, were not able to attend.

Among the many communal style opportunities included keynote gatherings featuring the work of Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Johnathan A. Smith, and most notably outspoken Qualitative Investigator Johnny Saldana who attempted to answer the question, “What does it mean to be a qualitative researcher,” by engaging participants in an emotionally provocative presentation dubbed, Research, Analyze Thyself. Saldana, 63, earlier attended the annual Qualitative Report Journal editorial meeting with dozens of reviewers, prospective authors, and staff.

The meeting led by Dr. Ronald Chenail, journal and TQR conference founder and Adam  Rosenthal, M.B.A., TQR community director, thanked reviewers, encouraged participation, as well as suggestions for improvements. Among SAS affiliates who received a gift bag for their contributions were Jim Lane and Erik Bean. Lane, and many serving as journal reviewers, and Bean who suggested the conference abstracts be contained in their own proceedings database offering the same unique worldwide hit rate statistics as the TQR journal currently displays.

Above and beyond the conference is the ability for each to submit a more detailed and highly edited manuscript for publication consideration in The Qualitative Report Journal. The journal is among the highest ranked international qualitative research oriented periodicals. While submissions are open all year, two University of Phoenix scholars received word their paper had been accepted the day after the 9th annual conference ended. Daniel L. RobertsCenter for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion affiliate, and Joann Kovacich, Center for Health Engineering Research (CHER) affiliate, are celebrating peer reviewed success with the publication of their study, Modifying the Qualitative Delphi Technique to Develop the Female Soldier Support Model.

The opportunity for camaraderie was seen throughout all areas of the conference held at the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship on the Nova Southeastern University campus. The topics of presentations were as varied as the participants who came from countries such as Japan, the Philippines, Australia, England, Canada, and the West Indies. The three-day conference is quite a bargain at just under $175 registration fee including daily lunch. Let your qualitative research be heard at the 10th annual conference dubbed, "Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research." For information and call for submissions visit https://tqr.nova.edu/tqr-10th-annual-conference/.

UOPX Presentation proceedings were as follows:

Simultaneously Leaders and Followers: The Being of Janus

Geer and Devnew (Dissertation Chair)

Learning From Our Multi-Stage Collaborative Autoethnography

Devnew, and Ann Berghout Austin, Utah State University,
Marlene Janzen Le Ber, Brescia University College,
Judith LaValley, Kansas State, and Chanda Elbert, Texas A&M.

Modifying the Qualitative Delphi Technique to Develop the Female Soldier Support Model


The Interplay of Race, Class, and Gender: A Phenomenological Study


New Kid on the Block: An Exploration of Workplace Learning through the New Employee Lens


Phenomenology of Practice: The Application of Hermeneutic Phenomenology in a Case Study of Middle School Infrastructure


Research Agenda Setting Yoga Soliloquy

Bean and Migliore

Online Adjunct Higher Education Teachers’ Perceptions of Using Social Media Sites as Instructional Approaches

Fedock, McCartney, and Neeley

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