University of Phoenix Doctorate Student Work Attracts David Petraeus

University of Phoenix Doctorate Student Work Attracts David Petraeus

A meeting of a lifetime. General David Petraeus, former CIA director and noted military authority sat down with University of Phoenix Center for Leadership Studies & Educational Research (CLSER) personnel to discuss the role of servant leadership in the military. A practice such as servant leadership (Greenleaf Foundation) believe it may help prevent suicides and retain officers longer with more fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Dr. Turner's presentation entitled, Servant Leadership Can be Most Effective During Unstable Times resonated with many at the 19th Annual ILA conference held at the SQUARE Conference Center, Brussels, Oct. 12 - 15. The presentation featured a model of the military employment cycle without effective employment of servant leadership and a possible look with proper servant engagement maintained. Turner (who recently earned his doctorate from University of Phoenix's School of Advanced Studies) connected with Petraeus via their shared military interests. Petraeus was already scheduled to conduct a personal interview at the annual conference with award winning diplomatic expert Robert van de Roer.

The concept of "service before self" is not a new one maintained Petraeus. But, General Petraeus agreed that servant leadership if operationalized in terms of Robert Greenleaf's concept could complement existing leadership styles. Within the high level leadership discussion, Dr. Turner said, "Humility and the sincere desire to make a difference is required."

In addition, the philosophical foundation of servant leadership is reminiscent of what Spock, the pointy eared Vulcan, had said on many 1960's Star Trek episodes, "The needs of the many outweigh the few or the one." Dr. Turner is determined to make such a difference serving to assist those who serve. The General provided Jim with some important contact information and advice that only such a once in a life-time meeting could yield.

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