Diversity: Hallmark Among University of Phoenix Proposals Accepted at 2017 ILA Women’s Conference

Diversity: Hallmark Among University of Phoenix Proposals Accepted at 2017 ILA Women’s Conference

A cavalcade of presentation tracks and types of presentations, as well as a mix of genders, University of Phoenix schools including both School of Advanced Studies (SAS) and a regional center, faculty, students and alumni, recently received long awaited acceptance letters to speak at the June 2017 International Leadership Association (ILA) Women and Leadership conference. Dovetailing this outstanding visibility was an announcement that Dr. Lynne Devnew, senior research fellow, Women and Leadership Research Group, Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research (CLSER) was appointed by the ILA as a member of the executive leadership team of the Women and Leadership Affinity Group, where she will serve on the research committee.  Devnew is currently the program committee chair for the 2017 Women and Leadership Conference.

Among the SAS proposals accepted were those from Patricia Bleil, CSLER fellow, Katherine Brewer, faulty, doctoral student, Janice Cardwell, Detroit campus VP director, Phillip Davidson, faculty, Bonnie Ellis, Detroit academic affairs director, Linda Gutsch, Anne Muli, doctoral student, Yvonne Phelps, VP West & Central districts, Daniel Roberts. Full-time faculty, and Lynne Devnew, CLSER senior fellow.

The title and breakdown of the accepted presentations are as follows:

Advancing Scholarly Leadership while Forming a Community of Scholars - Janice Cardwell, Bonnie Ellis, and Yvonne Phelps from the Detroit campus of the University of Phoenix will be presenting their paper in the leadership development stream.

Cultivating a Leadership Collaboratory: Bringing Our Whole Selves to Women’s Leadership Research - Lynne Devnew from the SAS at the University of Phoenix is participating in a panel discussion with her research team, Ann M. Berghout Austin from Utah State University, Chanda D. Elbert from Texas A&M University, Marlene Janzen Le Ber from Brescia University College in Canada, and Judith B. LaValley from Kansas State University. The panel will be presenting in the conference theme stream, developing our whole selves, stream.  Devnew will also be participating in a symposium titled Gender and Leadership Research: Aspirations, Identity, Status, and Developmental Experiences discussing her work on women’s leadership aspirations and in a workshop titled From Grief to Grit – The Asilomar Declaration and Call to Action:  Personal, Political, Policy

Cultural Mindset: The Impact of Community Leaders in the Context of Female Education in Kenya, Linda Gutsch and Anne Muli from SAS at the University of Phoenix.  They have been invited to give a “6 – minute presentation” in the Leader Development stream based on Muli’s dissertation.

Exploring Non-Traditional Sources of Mentoring: Professional Organizations, Patricia Bleil from SAS at the University of Phoenix. This study is based on Bleil’s research fellow project in the Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research.  Bleil will also be leading a workshop, Leadership Development for a Connective Era, with Jill Robinson from the University of Redlands and Susan Bartel from Maryville University. Both sessions are in the Leader Development stream.

How Women are Succeeding and Influencing in the Male Dominated U.S. Military, Daniel R. Roberts, U.S. Army, University of Phoenix adjunct faculty, and University of Phoenix doctoral alumni, with Sharon Hamilton, Leader Within; Marianne Waldrop, University of San Diego; Judith Babcock LaValley, Kansas State University, and LisaRe Babin,  U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral & Social Sciences. Roberts will also be giving a “6- minute presentation” entitled Challenging False Assumptions about Gender Factors in Pastoral Support.  Both presentations are in the Increasing Equality in Power and Decision Making stream.

Leader Identity Development and Gender: Self-Reflection in Authentic Leader Identity Development, Katherine Brewer, University of Phoenix.  Brewer’s proposal, based on her early work on her dissertation, has been accepted for a developmental roundtable in the Leader Development stream.

The Struggle Between Cultural and Leadership Values of Women in Saudi Arabia: An Exploratory Study, Phillip L Davidson, SAS at the University of Phoenix. Davidson will be giving his - Challenging False Assumptions About Gender Factors in Pastoral Support presentation in the Advancing Women in Leadership stream.




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