Distinguished Devnew Launches Successful JLS Symposium

Distinguished Devnew Launches Successful JLS Symposium

Dr. Lynne Devnew speaking passionately at The Qualitative Report Conference (TQR), January 2018

By C.A. Holland, EdD, UOPX Junior Fellow

Dr. Lynne E. Devnew, senior fellow, Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research  has recently made extraordinary contributions as an expert in her field of study, collaborating with other professionals, and publishing works that expand the body of knowledge as an expert.  Dr. Devnew initiated, planned, and coordinated, the Symposium section of the Volume 12, Issue 1 (2018) edition of the Journal of Leadership Studies. Devnew also co-authored the introductory article to the symposium, entitled: “Women in Leadership-How Do Differences Matter?”,  with Julia Storberg-Walker. Three assertions from the Asilomar Declaration, initially published in 2013 and updated in 2015 (International Leadership Association, 2015) framed the symposiums. The assertions focused on: the value of the diversity of women and women’s perspectives, the importance of sensitivity to cultural contexts, and that appropriate leadership should be fit-defined rather than gender-defined (Devnew & Storberg-Walker, 2018).

Other notables include being awarded a Distinguished Research Follow (2017), School of Advanced Studies (SAS). She also serves as an SAS associate faculty and as Chair of the Women and Leadership Research Group here at the University of Phoenix. Prior to joining the University of Phoenix, Dr. Devnew work for IBM as a senior middle manager. She attended Boston University, Columbia University, and Simmons University.

Major Contributions & Honors

  • Dr. Devnew will be co-chairing the next ILA Women and Leadership Conference in June 2019 < coming soon with Ann Berghout Austin from Utah State University.  Dr. Austin is also on her research team.  
  • Dr. Devnew was named Distinguished Faculty Member, School of Advanced Studies in the Annual Academic Report, 2015.
  • Dr. Devnew was the first recipient of the Distinguished Service Award for Scholarly Leadership in 2017. 
  • Dr. Devnew is the first editor for a book that should be coming out within the next few months: Devnew, L. E., Le Ber, M. J., Torchia, M. & Burke, R. J.,(Eds.). (forthcoming 2018).  More women on boards: An International perspective. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
  • Dr. Devnew will be making three presentations at the upcoming ILA Global Conference in West Palm Beach in October 2018.

Dr. Devnew - A Body of Work

A review of Dr. Devnew’ s ongoing contributions to the field of study reveals a substantial body of work that is shaping the current thought process and theories associated with women’s leadership and leader identify. Dr. Devnew’ s doctoral studies focused on the strategic responsibilities of leaders. In 2014, Dr. Devnew’ s research team was formed at an academic colloquium on advancing theories of women and leadership. Dr. Devnew’ s team has since presented at the ILA global conferences in San Diego, Barcelona, Atlanta, and Brussels. Dr. Devnew and her team are also scheduled to present in October 2018 at the ILA global conference in West Palm Beach. Dr. Devnew was program chair in 2017 at the ILA Women and Leadership Conference, and thus responsible for the call for proposals and review process and will co-chair the next conference in 2019.

Years ago, the idea for developing a symposium for the Journal of Leadership Studies (JLS) on women in leadership emerged in a conversation with SAS Executive Dean Hinrich Eylers, the Editor-in-Chief of the JLS. In the Spring of 2017, Dr. Devnew was part of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) for the Women and Leadership Affinity Group (WLAG) of the ILA and its research team.  Dr. Devnew suggested pursuing the symposium opportunity and Dr. Storberg-Walker, a very experienced researcher, from the George Washington University agreed to be the co-chair for the symposium.  The results of the collaboration produced the symposium, which is the focus of the article entitled, “Women in Leadership-How Do Differences Matter?”





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