Authenticity, Peace, and Prosperity Summon UOPX Scholars to ILA 20th Conference

Authenticity, Peace, and Prosperity Summon UOPX Scholars to ILA 20th Conference

By Erik Bean, Ed.D.
Associate University Research Chair
Center for Leadership Studies & Educational Research

More than a dozen University of Phoenix (UOPX) scholars heeded a peer reviewed call last winter for the chance to partake in the International Leadership Association (ILA) 20th Global Conference entitled, Authentic Leadership for Progress, Peace, and Prosperity to be held on October 24-27 in West Palm Beach. From session chairs and panels, to symposiums and roundtables, to papers and posters, the theme zeroes in on the era of fake news and the ability of leaders to authentically engage with followers and stakeholders for the greater community good. The list of research topics and conceptual discussions either led by UOPX scholars or co-authored are certain to be popular for many months to come.

For example, Janice L. Cardwell, UOPX VP will be chairing Leadership Development in Africa. She also will be presenting Entrepreneurs: Authentic Leaders in Training. Cardwell, was recently named chair-elect of the ILA Leadership Development (LD) group and is set to take over UOPX Hawaiian Business Campus Chair Renee R. Green’s ILA LD seat next year. Both Cardwell and Green are well represented throughout the conference. They will play host to a member interest group entitled, Leadership Development Member Interest Group Master Mind Meeting.

Green will chair Authentic Leadership and Cultivating Trust Within Today's Complex Leadership Arenas. She also will be presenting Is There Freedom in Forgiveness? Releasing the Past and Regaining Leadership Momentum. “Authentic leadership indicates that leaders, for the most part, are technically proficient in their jobs if hiring and development are intentionally executed. Where research gaps exist are through self-awareness, character, and interpersonal interactions that cause conflict and can imprison leaders. Takeaways from this presentation will provide insight on: To forgive or not, that is the question; The connection between forgiveness and authentic leadership; Practical activities to implement forgiveness,” ILA 20th Conference Proceedings.

Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research Associate University (CLSER), Research Chair, Erik Bean, is set to chair a rigorous look at the relationship between yoga and leadership. Dubbed, The Indispensable Truth of Yoga: Authentic Leading and Learning for Inspiring Performance with UOPX presenters LauraAnn Migliore (fellow in the Center for Learning Analytics) and Kevin S. Bottomley (CLSER senior fellow and certified yoga instructor), both 2018 Distinguished School of Advanced Studies (SAS) Scholars, as well as with Cheryl Burleigh, Lunthita M. Duthely, and Alverna M. Champion, as they examine the efficacy of the ancient practice and its contemporary leadership connection. “For centuries yoga has been intrinsically tied to self-leadership. Its popularity and tremendous growth attest to its effectiveness. VAE: Vision, Alignment, Execution combines yoga with a behavioral leadership process model to foster a powerful intellectual, physical, and emotional elixir capable of unleashing your full leader potential,” according to ILA proceedings.

In addition to a roundtable listed below, outstanding visibility by the works of 2017 Distinguished Senior Fellow (CLSER) Lynne Devnew have a prominent showing of UOPX representation. Here Devnew will chair a panel, Leading with Authenticity: Connecting Girls’ Development of Voice and Women Leaders’ Response to Silencing featuring Judith Babcock LaValley, Kansas State University; Chanda D. Elbert, Texas A&M University; Ann M. Berghout Austin, Utah State University; and Devnew. “Exploring an iterative process between leadership practice, leadership feedback, and finding one’s own voice, the panel will begin by describing a collaborative autoethnography of five women leaders.” Devnew also plays host to Women & Leadership 4th Annual Conference: Information & Involvement Session. That conference is scheduled for June 16-19, 2019 in Santa Cruz, CA. Devnew just completed the editing of the symposium section of the 12(1) 2018 edition of the JLS where she co-authored the introductory article entitled Women in Leadership-How Do Differences Matter? with Julia Storberg-Walker.

Other formal presentations include Overcoming Physician Burnout: A Culture of Conversation for Provider Well-being and Institutional Prosperity by Lunthita M. Duthely, University of Miami Health System and SAS chair; Louise Underdahl, School of Advanced Studies (SAS) chair; Terri Jones Meineke. As well as a poster Competencies of Outstanding Executive Coaches: A Grounded Theory Approach by Kent M. Blumberg, UOPX faculty. 

UOPX Scholars Prominent at Several Roundtable Sessions:

Under the guise of Leadership Scholarship (LS), a category that helps scholars foster rigorous publication and presentations tied to the literature finds a roundtable held by veteran Editor of the Journal of Leadership Studies (JLS) Mark L. Ludorf, a professor of psychology at Stephen F. Austin State University, joined by JLS Executive Editor Henrich Eylers, UOPX executive dean, and Erik Bean Leadership Perspectives (LP) new section editor. Ludorf will lead a roundtable about publishing opportunities and guidelines, and is expected to feature a new JLS LP published section showcasing the historical works of authors Dr. Gutmann Martin, lecturer at the Chair of Negotiation and Conflict Management and in the Department of Management, Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and Dr. Robert Vecchiotti, UOPX SAS chair and leadership consultant.

Several from UOPX appear under the Business Leadership (BL) segment. Building the Perfect "Pracademic": Bridging the Gap Between Higher Education and Communities of Practice, is the brainchild of University Research Chair of the Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research (CWDIR) Kimberly Underwood and Research Fellow Donna Smith. As noted in their abstract, “The gap between research and practice is not a new phenomenon. Trepidation regarding the extent to which academic research engages with and contributes to actual practice within various fields is a concern of communities of practice. Academics note the value the scientific rigor and relevance of research is not appreciated. In response, presenters within this session introduce the concept of the ‘pracademic’ and discuss their experiences with pracademic development, the strengths and value of pracademics in communities of practice and facilitate interactive dialogue with participants about how to best utilize pracademics within strategic planning and organizational development efforts.” (ILA) Earlier in the conference, Dr. Underwood will conduct an individual presentation, A Qualitative Exploration of Workplace Learning through the New Employee Lens.

Fiona Sussan, SAS chair, is co-presenting Winning at Work - Leadership Activities Female Project Managers Use in Banking Despite Gender Bias with Jermani Felcia Thompson, JSquared Management Consulting. Attendees will learn about their study that reveals formal or informal leadership activities needed for female project managers to alleviate steadfast gender workplace bias.

Janus wins: Dyadic Dynamics of Middle Managers is the subject of yet another BL roundtable conducted by SAS Alum Steven Geer and Devnew. “Discussion postulates corporate approaches to optimize win-win-win states would increase flexibility and empowerment to middle managers in their simultaneous vertical dyads to form triads conducive to emerging authentic leadership and improved LMX quality. Insights discussed improve our understanding of middle management value as agents of change and shepherds for innovation.” (ILA)

Another popular roundtable track is the Leadership Development (LD) category. Dean of Research and Scholarship, Mark L. McCaslin will welcome attendees with, Finding Healthy Leadership through Sustainable and Authentic Practice. According to the proceedings, “This presentation concerns itself with the act of leading human potential towards its fullest expression. Call it healthy leadership. Taken as an art, a potentiating art, the nature of leadership becomes less mysterious and complicated.” Prudence as a construct to embody leadership for peace and prosperity again features Migliore and Bean. The two explore the concept of prudence as a construct in practical behaviors. Prudence is based in theoretical context of self-leadership, individual performance, and leadership styles ⧿ transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire. UOPX Faculty Pamela A. Gordon and University of Essex Faculty Brett Anthony Gordon will hold their LD session about a qualitative study that explored the concept of service-learning dubbed The Role of Volunteer Organizations in Leadership Skill Development

The Leadership Education (LE) category features UOPX Faculty Katherine Temple and Indiana Tech University Faculty Christine E. Cooper as they share the results of their work, Promoting Tolerance and Social Acceptance: Ideas for Peace Education Leadership Development. “The roundtable will examine multiple methods for peace education and discuss how to transform educators into international change agents. The discussion will consider leadership development ideas, approaches, strategies, and activities for teaching peace, tolerance and acceptance. The intention is to develop resources that can be used and shared with the ILA community as a mission towards promoting world peace,” as described in the ILA proceedings.

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