Seeking Collaboration

Hello Healthcare Colleagues,

I have been a University of Phonenix faculty since 2002 and currently I am teaching in the School of Advanced Studies as a Dissertation Chair and Committee member. I am also the Principal Consultant with The ArdLen Group LLC ( I am working on a Sources Sought Notice for a Federal Agency with a dealine of October 10th.This is a large government project that requires multiple functional experience and one area (highlighted below) is experience in creating and delivering innovative programs for Healthcare professionals in multiple states.

My consulting team has most of the required experience covered and we are looking for Healthcare Faculty who would like to join us in responding to this notice.

The requirements that are relevant to my request are:

Demonstrate ability to lead and redirect healthcare teams in the management of national and state based on-site quality improvement learning events. The quality improvement experience should be specific and describe the size of the quality improvement campaign to include the aims, goals and the actual results achieved compared to the goals.
Demonstrated experience in healthcare QI tools that lead to large scale change and improvement including healthcare QI processes to reduce waste and promote value in healthcare expenditures.
Demonstrated ability and experience providing improvement advisors/ coaches to local practices and healthcare delivery systems that were assembled based on their performance and alignment with the overall aims of the quality improvement work. In defining the expertise, please provide at least 3 examples of faculty members from different geographic areas and different clinical specialties including C-suite leaders. For each of these examples share their performance story in less than 200 words.
Demonstrated experience and success in leading development of person and family engagement metrics and their effective use across national healthcare quality improvement programs. Demonstrate experience supporting the development of learning communities that include patients/beneficiaries, families and community leaders as key participants and advocates in their healthcare system.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, please email me at and I will forward the full Sources Sought Notice.

Thank you,

Dr Nancy Arduengo