Dr. Stephanie Holden Presented at North Texas Radiologic Technologist Society

Dr. Stephanie Holden Presented at North Texas Radiologic Technologist Society

Saturday morning, Dr. Stephanie Holden presented at the North Texas Radiologic Technologist Society summer CE seminar.

Primary attendees were frontline staff, managers, and directors of medical imaging. Disciplines included diagnostic imaging, mammography, CT, MRI and quality management. The presentation was titled Scholarship in Radiologic Sciences: Lessons Learned to Research to Improvement (overview below).

The aim was to raise awareness and generate interest in research or quality improvement efforts from concern or issues witnessed or experienced by medical imaging staff.  Basic steps and elements of the research process were covered, with emphasis on identifying problems.

Dr. Holden’s presentation discussed the following:

  • Scholarship and research are no longer activities exclusively relegated to the halls of academia. The need for more rapid translation of health research into practice, from population health initiatives to patient centered outcome research, has led to a paradigm shift in the approach to traditional health research.
  • Common medical imaging measures at the departmental level; such as contrast reaction, health literacy, and mammography screening follow-up compliance, can generate problem statements for various types of research. Staff members are the eyes and ears to potential research needs.
  • Research endeavors and outcomes can add to the departmental knowledge base; to include generating best practices, policy development or revisions and overall quality improvement in medical imaging.

Dr. Holden is noted as having a passion for a broad range of topics, but all are central to improvements in health care. Dr. Holden is CHES certified with an eclectic background ranging  from radiology to undergrad in math & physics, graduate courses medical physics, masters math/with statistics thesis and doctoral in health studies.

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