CHNR Fellow to Present Research at Oxford University

CHNR Fellow to Present Research at Oxford University

The Education Research Symposium is a forum for presentation of papers and discourse by scholars who have a particular interest in the theory and practice of universal education.

The Oxford Education Research Symposium's Programme Committee has accepted for presentation the abstract submitted by Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Jared Padgett, and his colleagues. The presentation will be on the collaboration of research students with their chair to develop the Tau Conceptual Framework Model using Complex Adaptive Systems theory. The model represents a negative feedback system depicting the Healthcare and Human Services Programs in the United States. In the presentation, Dr. Padgett and his colleagues will describe how a research chair worked with doctoral students to develop models within their respective areas of interest, and how these individual models ultimately contributed to the larger framework. This type of collaboration is consistent with the goals of the Center for Health and Nursing Research, where collaboration between students and faculty may produce additional works of this nature.

Contributing authors were Kenneth D. Gossett, PhD, Jared D. Padgett, DBA, Joni L. Scott, DBA, and Shelly M. Pierce, MS, CPHRM, CPHQ. They will be presenting at the December meeting. The abstract will be published in the conference procedings and then will be shared with the CHNR community.

The Education Research Symposium meets from July 30 - August 1 at the Ioannou Centre, and from December 5-7 at Harris Manchester College. Abstract submissions are still open for both meetings. Learn more at the Education Research Symposium website.

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