Empowering People for Social Change and Reform Committee

Hello everyone, I am Royanthony Simpson author of this website: Global Dominance of Racist War, which is my creative writing, based on my life experiences. I feel that Americas position global leader will always be challenged, so political entities must be created, that will insure that American of African Descent have as loud a political voice as necessary for decades to come.  My major is criminal justice and my doctoral program is Organizational Management in Leadership exclusively with the University of Phoenix online learning system. As you can see this all spell mandatory success story, and I want to accomplish this through a confluence of commitment, cooperation, and non-racial social intervention. I am still in the process of updating our Empowering People for Social Change and Reform website, but with work, classes, and other necessary events I have little to no time. Nevertheless, it is a good way for you to get to know me better than just a name.  


Respectfully Yours

Royanthony Simpson MSAJS

856 535 7083