USASBE 2019 Annual Conference: Collaborative Research and Learning

USASBE 2019 Annual Conference: Collaborative Research and Learning

Representing the University of Phoenix and an interdisciplinary team at the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship's (USASBE) 2019 Annual Conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida on January 26, 2019 validated rewards of collaborative research and learning.  Conference presentations included a plenary session, "Future Directions of Entrepreneurship Education," with Stanford University Professor Steve Blank, who developed and launched the National Science Foundation I-Corps program in 2014 (Blank, 2019).
The team presentation, "Do Then Learn:  Promoting Entrepreneurial Success" was part of an "Eco-Systems - Emerging Research" module.  Discussion focused on operational strategies for recruiting participants, such as utilizing local Chambers of Commerce, including business associations affiliated with entrepreneurism, emphasizing "what's in it for them," and reducing complexity of informed consent procedures.  Dr. Morgan Clevenger, author of Corporate Citizenship and Higher Education: Behaviors, Engagement, and Ethics (2019), expressed interest in partnering with the team in developing research for subsequent publication.  Four other teams were represented in the 75-minute discussion session, with representatives from Pennsylvania, Mexico, India, and Colorado:
  • Dr. Bonnie Rohde, Instructor of Business, Albright College, and two research associates described findings on "Social and Smart: Building Urban Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Economies."  Since "smart city" techniques are in the process of implementation, the research design evolved to a multiple case study of three pioneer cities. The study evaluates the correlation between smart city technology investment and established startups, and the elements of smart cities’ entrepreneurial ecosystems that contribute to success.  Rohde's team sought recommendations on public datasets with up-to-date information and insights on potential next steps.  Dr. Underdahl's collaboration with a current University of Phoenix doctoral student had identified the New York Public Library (NYPL) as a source of seed funding for start-up entrepreneurial ventures in the Bronx and Rohde's team plans to consult NYPL for relevant resources.
  • Dr. Pedro Martinez Estrada, co-founder of StartupLab MX, provided an overview of "Assessing Local Entrepreneurial Cosystems in Latin America: A Set of Indicators."  The study is designed to develop a set of tools to measure and evaluate the dynamics and maturity of entrepreneurial ecosystems on middle sized cities across Latin America. Research suggests five determining factors that affect the process of starting a business and entrepreneurial environment in any region or middle-sized city in Latin America.  Estrada's team sought support in translating current findings from Spanish to English, as well as expanding the research to additional regions in Mexico.  Dr. Underdahl's collaboration with a University of Phoenix alumna as part of the Center for Education and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR) "Dissertation to Publication" program had identified a researcher interested in exploring entrepreneurial development in Mexico.  Dr. Estrada and this University of Phoenix graduate are considering partnership.
  • Dr. Ramswarup Bhaskar, Indian Institute of Technology, presented research conducted in association with Dr. B. V. Phani, "Implementation Challenges and Innovation Effectiveness in Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:  Global Frameworks and Local Dynamics."  Their study assesses the impact of policy intervention on national innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Bhaskar's team calibrates interrelationships of ecosystem components to explore causality between performance and policy intervention. Dr. Morgan Clevenger expressed interest in learning more about the team's findings, as a first step toward research partnership.
  • Dr. Kun Zhang, University of Colorado, presenting on behalf of research associates Jeff Reuer and Francisco Morales, described his team's study of "How do Interfirm Ties Affect New Venture Employee Mobility?"  His research provides evidence from biopharmaceutical startups indicating new ventures may benefit from VC and alliance signals to attract inventors to join the firm, but they may also risk loss of existing human capital.  Dr. Morgan Clevenger sought additional details on the team's approach, as the topic aligns with his own research agenda on entrepreneurial innovation.
In addition to dialogue and professional support, conference presentations included a "Meet the Editors" session focusing on USASBE's peer-reviewed journal, Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy (EE&P).  Journal goals include providing "a forum for dissemination of research, teaching cases, and learning innovations focused on educating the next generation of entrepreneurs" (Liguori, 2019, para. 1).  Rewards of participating in academic conferences on practitioner-relevant research include intellectual stimulation, emotional support (Chowdhury & Endres, 2019; Mason & Hornsby, 2019), networking, and fellowship with like-minded colleagues.  Collaborative approaches to research and learning inspire resilience by providing opportunities to share lessons learned from the inevitable failures preceding success.  In a nutshell:  Time well spent
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Kimberly Underwood's picture Kimberly Underwood | January 29, 2019 1:57 pm MST

Congratulations on your continued success!  It is always a pleasure to hear about your exceptional work and the way you contribute to the success of our students.

Louise Underdahl's picture Louise Underdahl | January 29, 2019 8:46 pm MST

Hi Kimberly,

Thank you for your support.  I am excited that our team has accepted Dr. Morgan Clevenger's invitation to contribute to a chapter in his new book, Ecosystems and Entrepreneurial Empowerment.


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