Mental Health First Aid and Criminal Justice

Mental Health First Aid and Criminal Justice

Hi everyone!

During the 2019 Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Summit, Gretheline Bolandrina and I collaboratively presented our nascent research on Mental Health First Aid initiatives.  Dr. Ray Bynum graciously attended our session, shared insights, and invited us to his team's workshop on "The Criminal Justice Officer’s Changing Role in Dealing with Offenders with Mental Health Issues."  Both Dr. Bynum and Dr. David Mailloux encouraged spontaneous questions and discussion throughout their workshop, resulting in several epiphanies for Gretheline and me:

  • Mental Health First Aid has criminal justice ramifications, in addition to public health implications
  • Obtaining new information is not enough; individuals must examine their own beliefs and be willing to change (Greene, 1988)
  • In the Baltimore Model, community mental health agencies are provided criminal justice training and ride-alongs with police officers to better understand challenges 

After learning about these exciting new horizons, Gretheline and I are honored to join the "Cultural Conflict in the Workplace Research Community."  Thank you for the privilege.


Greene, M. (1988). The dialectic of freedom. New York, NY:  Teachers College Press.


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