KFF Healthcare Summer Survey 2018

KFF Healthcare Summer Survey 2018

The Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) released the results of its recent Late Summer Poll for 2018. In it, participants were asked about a number of issues ranging from healthcare to politics. The poll was conducted in an attempt to understand the pulse of the nation heading into the midterm elections. The findings may be useful in guiding CHNR research projects.

The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll was conducted from August 23-28, 2018, and included a telephone sample of 1,201 adults aged 18 and over (Kirzinger, Wu, Muñana, & Brodie, 2018). Phone lines in the sample included traditional landlines, post-paid cellular phones, and pre-paid cellular phones to ensure a wide demographic spread. The margin of error was +/- 3 percentage points.

Of the various healthcare concerns raised in the poll, the cost of care was consistently high across the political spectrum. Americans are concerned about the high costs of care. Nearly 60% of those surveyed indicated concerns about their individual costs, and just under 50% were concerned about how much is spent nationally on healthcare (Kirzinger, Wu, Muñana, & Brodie, 2018).

The number of people who considered pharmaceutical company profits as a leading factor in healthcare costs raised significantly between February and August, rising from 62% to 78% (Kirzinger, Wu, Muñana, & Brodie, 2018). Fraud and waste, and the amount hospitals charge tied at 71%, with health insurance companies coming in right behind at 70%. Somewhat lower on the ranking was the aging population and the cost of malpractice suits. These costs have been documented as rising, and the costs of preventable medical errors may be higher than the public realizes (Padgett, Gossett, Mayer, Chien, & Turner, 2017). Research in this area could prove timely in light of the growing concerns on costs.

There were a number of concerns indicated in the poll that would be suitable for CHNR research. Topics included the Accountable Care Act (ACA), individual costs, pharmaceuticals, safety, pre-existing conditions, and governmental interaction or lack thereof. For additional ideas, see the full report.


Kirzinger, A., Wu, B., Muñana, C., & Bordie, M. (2018). Kaiser Health Tracking Poll – Late summer 2018: The election, pre-existing conditions, and surprises on medical bills. Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Retrieved from https://www.kff.org/report-section/kaiser-health-tracking-poll-late-summer-2018-the-election-pre-existing-conditions-and-surprises-on-medical-bills-methodology/

Padgett, J., Gossett, K., Mayer, R., Chien, W., & Turner, F. (2017). Improving Patient Safety through High Reliability Organizations. The Qualitative Report, 22(2), 410-425. Retrieved from https://nsuworks.nova.edu/tqr/vol22/iss2/4

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