Introducing Gretheline Bolandrina - Mental Health Researcher

Introducing Gretheline Bolandrina - Mental Health Researcher

Introducing Gretheline Bolandrina - Mental Health Researcher

by Gretheline Bolandrina and Louise Underdahl


It is my privilege to introduce Gretheline Bolandrina, who has recently joined the Mental Health and Psychological Well-being Research Community.  Gretheline, a doctoral student in the DHA program, shares our interest and commitment to mental health research.   To learn more about Gretheline, please visit her PhoenixcConnect profile:


Gretheline advocates for practical nursing students to be Mental Health First Aid certified and has resourcefully identified grant funding to help in the certification process.  Her initiative has grown from 10 students in the first year to currently 30 students.


In Gretheline's own words, a description of current research interests:

  1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:  

    Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the first of my three identified current health care concerns.  Also known as trauma-and stressor-related disorders, PTSD is associated with fear, horror, or hopelessness, negative cognitions, self-denigration, and negative worrldviews. Arieh,  Israel, and Marmar (2017) described PTSD as characterized by the persistence of intense reactions to reminders of a traumatic event, a sense of imminent threat, altered mood, hypervigilance, and disturbed sleep. Arieh et al. (2017) discussed the most frequently reported traumatic events in the US are physical and sexual assaults and accidents or fires.

  2. Depression:

    According to Slavich and Irwin (2014) depression is among the most common and costly of mental disorders. Many who experience depression are not diagnosed and do not receive treatment. Only 30-35% of adults achieve remission with therapeutic intervention. Depression has been estimated as the fourth leading cause of disease burden. Major stressful life events are one of the predictors of depression onset (Slavich & Irwin, 2014). Major depressive disorder is the second of my three identified current health care concerns.

  3. Stress:

    According to Nathe (2018), U.S. stress levels rose on a national scale between January 2018 and August 2018. More than half of Americans feel that this is the lowest point in American history with all of the stressors weighing and affecting American's metal and physical health (Nathe, 2018).

Proactive research focusing on these three health concerns is needed to preclude costly mental health emergencies. Nathe (2018) identified mental health and well-being as the number three global health issue to watch in 2018.  Mental Health First Aid is a promising response intervention for mental health emergencies as outcomes include improvement and confidence in help-giving behavior towards people suffering from mental illness (Jensen et al., 2016).   Mental Health First Aid training was developed in 2000 and teaches first-aid skills in support of people with mental health crisis (Morgan, Ross, & Reavley, 2018). Training emphasizes recognition of symptoms of psychiatric disorders and mental health crises, complemented by offering help, providing relief, and guiding toward other appropriate treatments (Morgan et al., 2018).


Gretheline and I are collaboratively researching strategies to promote Mental Health First AId and other interventions.  We welcome inquiries, comments, and suggestions!



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