Achieving Better Health Outcomes Through Team Leadership

Achieving Better Health Outcomes Through Team Leadership

The 24/7 staff helps the kids do what kids do best – play...We have loving caregivers that are certified nurses aides, LVNs, RNs, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, and a host of social workers and case managers that help support them."
Doug Padgett, CEO

The CEO of Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Doug Padgett, was recently interviewed by Ray Anderson of California CEO Magazine. During the interview, Mr. Padgett discussed how the team atmosphere at Totally Kids contributes to the healthcare outcomes achieved at Totally Kids. The kids who receive rehabilitative care at Totally Kids have suffered an accident or other trauma, and have been treated in a hospital. They are then transferred to Totally Kids to receive rehabilitative care. As discussed in the interview, the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation shows that kids stay at Totally Kids on average two-weeks fewer than at other similar rehabilitative organizations across the country.

The success of this rehabilitation program is attributed to the caring staff at Totally Kids. They are all empowered to provide and promote their ideas for the benefit of the children under their care. As one of the early adopters of High Reliability Organization theory, the staff at Totally Kids is focused on teamwork, and inter-departmental collaboration not commonly seen within healthcare organizations. High Reliability Organizations constantly seek to improve their care, and their focus on mindful awareness creates a safe environment for not only the patients, but for the staff as well. These working conditions enable the staff to do what they do best, which is to care for these kids, according to Mr. Padgett.

High Reliability Organization theory is one of the areas for research available to CHNR students, faculty, and affiliates. The contributions of organizations like Totally Kids to the greater healthcare system can help researchers identify strengths and weaknesses that may be addressed nationally and within individual organizations.


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